Admission information

Master of Science degree applicants are expected to have attained a level of scholarship in the baccalaureate program equal to a grade point average of 3.0 or better, including adequate preparation in computer science and supporting courses in mathematics (see below for prerequisite requirements).

Ph.D. applicants should possess a bachelor's or master's degree with a major in computer science or related field. In addition, applicants are expected to have attained a level of scholarship equal to a 3.3 grade point average or better in the most recent degree, including adequate preparation in computer science and supporting courses in mathematics.

Please complete a Ph.D. application by February 17th to insure admissions and funding consideration for Fall semester.

All applicants should use the following checklist:

  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • GRE-Graduate Record Examination scores are required for the Ph.D. program but not the M.S. program. The department expects a combined score of 305 for verbal and quantitative and a score of at least 3.5 for analytical writing.
  • A statement of approximately 300 words describing the applicants academic and professional goals.
  • International applicants must meet the Graduate School's minimum English proficiency requirements.
  • The Department of Computer Science does not accept any paper documents. The application is online.

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Prerequisite coursework required for admission into the graduate program

Students who do not have adequate background in computer science should complete the course work as listed below. It is recommended that these students apply for undergraduate admission as a second major. Graduate courses taken while in this program will not transfer to the master's or Ph.D. program. Some courses may be waived by the Graduate Program Director, if the student demonstrates sufficient background knowledge in the subject.

For descriptions of these courses, please see the computer science course list in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

  • CSC 1100 Problem Solving and Programming (3 Credits)
  • CSC 1101 Problem Solving and Programming Laboratory (1 Credit)
  • CSC 1500 Fundamental Structures in Computer Science (3 Credits)
  • CSC 1501 Fundamental Structures in Computer Science Lab (1 Credit)
  • CSC 2110 Computer Science I (3 Credits)
  • CSC 2111 Computer Science I Lab (1 Credit)
  • CSC 2200 Computer Science II (3 Credits)
  • CSC 2201 Computer Science II: Lab (1 Credit)
  • CSC 3100 Computer Architecture and Organization (3 Credits)
  • CSC 3101 Computer Architecture and Organization: Lab (1 Credit)
  • CSC 3110 Algorithm Design and Analysis (3 Credits)
  • CSC 4420 Computer Operating Systems (3 Credits)
  • CSC 4421 Computer Operating Systems: Lab (1 Credit)
  • CSC 4500 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science (3 Credits)
  • MAT 2010 Calculus I (4 Credits)
  • MAT 2020 Calculus II (4 Credits)
  • MAT 2250 Elementary Linear Algebra (3 Credits)
  • BE 2100 Basic Engineering III: Probability and Statistics in Engineering (3 Credits)