Admission to the M.S. program in Data Science and Business Analytics is highly selective. We are looking for exceptional students with a strong interest in data sciences and business analytics, who have shown a high level of ability demonstrated by past performance on appropriate coursework and/or by workplace experience as well as standardized testing. All applicants are expected to have basic background in mathematics (in particular probability and statistics) and computing (at least one college-level course or equivalent knowledge in computer programming using a high-level language like C, C++, Java, Python, R, FORTRAN, etc.), as well as a four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent. Applicants must submit either GRE or GMAT scores, a professional resume, a personal statement, and contact information for three people who will submit letters of recommendation. English Language Proficiency passing test scores (See Graduate School Minimum Test Scores) are also required for international applicants.

Applicants who do not have sufficient background in mathematics and computing may still be admitted, with the expectation that they take one or more preparatory courses from Wayne State University such as:

  • BE 2100 Basic Engineering III: Probability and Statistics in Engineering
  • CSC 4992 Special Topics in Computer Science: Introduction to Programming with Python and R

Other courses from online platforms such as Coursera and EdX might be allowed as substitutes on a conditional basis.

Only students with a four-year bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a closely related program) are eligible for admission into the Computational Engineering track (listed as "Data Science & Engineering" concentration on the application website) of this M.S. program. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances, if the applicant can demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

To Apply

Click the "Apply Now" button to begin your application process.  You will need to select which program you want to apply for, the "MS Business" or "MS Engineering."  Our M.S. Programs have 3 Major Concentrations: One concentration is in the Mike Ilitch School of Business - Data Science for Business (also known as the "Data-Driven Business" concentration); And Two concentrations are in the College of Engineering - Data Science and Analytics (also known as the "Advanced Analytics" concentration) and Data Science Engineering (also known as the "Computational Engineering" concentration). Make sure that you select the concentration as well when you apply.