Engineering in Medicine

Engineering in Medicine is a research and education program focused on removing the boundaries between engineering and clinical disciplines by creating multi-disciplinary collaborative teams to develop and implement innovative engineering solutions for current unmet clinical needs, for preparation of competitive grant applications, and for cross-disciplinary training of the next generation of medical engineers.

Funding opportunities

Explore these NIH funding opportunities.

Grant number Grant title
PA-16-040 Exploratory/Developmental Bioengineering Research Grants (EBRG) (R21)
PA-16-096 Accelerating Research on Intervertebral Disc (ARID) (R21) 
PA-16-097 Accelerating Research on Intervertebral Disc (ARID) (R01)
PA-18-286 Exploratory/Developmental Bioengineering Research Grants (EBRG) (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-16-084 Feasibility Studies to Build Collaborative Partnerships in Cancer Research
PAR-16-108 Team-Based Design in Biomedical Engineering Education (R25) 
PAR-16-116 Bioengineering Research Partnerships (U01)
PAR-16-131 Emerging Questions in Cancer Systems Biology (U01)
PAR-16-242 Bioengineering Research Grants (BRG) (R01)
PAR-16-397 Engineering Next-Generation Human Nervous System Microphysiological Systems (R21)
PAR-16-398 Engineering Next-Generation Human Nervous System Microphysiological Systems (R01)
PAR-17-093 Academic-Industrial Partnerships to Translate and Validate in vivo Cancer Imaging Systems (R01)
PAR-17-161 NCMRR Early Career Research Award (R03)
PAR-17-171 Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative: Enabling Biomimetic Tissue-Engineered Technologies for Cancer Research (R01)
PAR-18-009 Academic-Industrial Partnerships to Translate and Validate in vivo Cancer Imaging Systems (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-206 Bioengineering Research Grants (BRG) (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-208 Bioengineering Research Partnerships (U01 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-211 NCMRR Early Career Research Award (R03 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-434 Synthetic Biology for Engineering Applications (R01) (Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-18-530 Academic-Industrial Partnerships for Translation of Technologies for Diagnosis and Treatment (R01 - Clinical Trial Optional)
RFA-DK-17-030 Development of New Technologies and Bioengineering Solutions for the Advancement of Cell Replacement Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes (R43/44 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
RFA-DK-17-035 Microphysiological Systems (MPS) for Modeling Diabetes (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
RFA-EB-17-003 BRAIN Initiative: Proof of Concept Development of Early Stage Next Generation Human Brain Imaging (R01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
RFA-EB-17-004 BRAIN Initiative: Development of Next Generation Human Brain Imaging Tools and Technologies (U01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
RFA-HL-17-015 Bold New Bioengineering Methods and Approaches for Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Disorders and Diseases (R21)

Our faculty and collaborators

Faculty Member(s) Department School of Medicine Collaborator(s) Project(s)
Amar Basu Electrical and Computer Engineering Jeff Ram, Physiology Ballast water verification system
Ratna Babu Chinnam Industrial Systems Engineering Dr. Sidhartha Tan, Prof. of Pediatrics and Co-Chair for the Neonatal ICU at the Children's Hospital  
Evrim  Dalkiran Industrial Systems Engineering Manesha Putra Cost-benefit analysis of new hypertension guidelines on aspirin usage and preeclampsia in the U.S.
Ming Dong Computer Science Maysaa M. Basha, Neurology Sound of Seizures
Aashit Shah, Neurology Sound of Seizures
April Carcone, Dept. of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Text mining in communication transcripts
Elizabeth Towner, Dept. of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Risk factor analysis in childhood obesity
Justin Jeong, Neurology and Pediatrics Brain fiber tracking and classification
Csaba Juhasz, Neurology and Pediatrics Brain Cancer survival prediction
Sorin Draghici Computer Science Larry Grossman New disease-associate regulators of mitochondrial respiration and stress response
Zhingpeng Yi Human Skeletal Muscle Proteome & Phosphoproteome in Obesity and Type 2 diabetes
Zhingpeng Yi Serine/threonine Protein Phosphatase 1 in Insulin resistances and Type 2 Diabetes
Michael Tainsky Novel Algorithms and Organisms for Onto-Tools
Michael Tainsky Novel tools for the vertical analysis of genomics data
Michael Tainsky Autoantibody biomarkers for the detection of ductal carcinoma in situ
Michael Tainsky Early detection of breast cancer using autoantibodies markers in serum
Maurice Recanati  
Sonia Hassan  
Adi Tarca  
Richard Genik Biomedical Engineering Nathan Gonik, MD Electrosurgery-pre-Pilot
Michele Grimm Biomedical Engineering Bernard Gonik (OB) Modeling of neonatal brachial plexus injury
Nathan Gonik (ENT) Modeling of recurrent laryngeal nerve injury in neonates
Carolyn Harris Chemical Engineering Steven Ham, Neurosurgery Device Collection for Biobanking
Neena Marupudi, Neurosurgery Device, CSF Collection for Biobanking; NIH Grant Writing
Sharon Michelhaugh, Neurosurgery Sample preparation
Sandeep Mittal, Neurosurgery Sample preparation
Alan Dombkowski, Pediatrics Sample preparation, analysis
Alexander Kotov Computer Science April Idalski Carcone R21 Automated Coding of eCoaching Exchanges to Promote Healthier Eating
Aliccia Bollig-Fischer Unsupervised Methods for Breast Cancer Subtyping based on Clinical and Genomic Data
Zhifeng Kou Biomedical Engineering E. Mark Haacke NIH R21
Robert Welch, Natalie Wiseman NIH F30
Ming-Chia Lai Mechanical Engineering Gary Rajah, Neurosurgery CFD simulation of Stent and Cardiovascular Flow Interactions
Haipeng Liu Chemical Engineering Wei-Zen Wei Development of breast cancer vaccines
Mohammad Mehrmohammadi Biomedical Engineering Dr. Sonia Hassan, OBGYN Ultrasound, Photoacoustic, and Elasticity Imaging of Cervix for more accurate detection of preterm birth
Dr. Sonia Hassan, OBGYN Ultrasound and Photoacoustic imaging of fetal brain during labor and delivery
Karmanos Cancer Institute/Oncology, Dr. Neb Duric Photoacoustic Tomography of Breast Cancer
Dr. Jay Burmeister and Shelly Seward, Radiation Oncology Hyposxia Imaging of cervix for enhances high-dose radiation therapy planning
Ali Ozbeki Mechanical Engineering Maurice-Andre Recanati Cable, Wire and Tube Organizer for Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy Surgery
Maurice-Andre Recanati Vaginal Speculum with Sidewall Retraction
Maurice-Andre Recanati Uterus Opening Device
Maurice-Andre Recanati Atraumatic Fetal Scalp Sensor for Electronic Fetal Heart, Temperature and Tocometric Monitoring
Abhilash Pandya & Luke Reisner Electrical and Computer Engineering David Edelman, Ho-Sheng Lin, Michael Kline Robotic Surgical Data Capture
Michael Kline, Christina Shanti Robotic/Laparoscopic Surgery, Raman Spectroscopy
Jeremy Rickli Industrial Systems Engineering Nivedita Dhar Smart Artificial Urinary Sphincter
Loren Schwiebert Computer Science Donald DeGracia, Physiology REP:  Nonlinear Dynamics of Cell Injury
Harpreet Singh Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Fazlul H. Sarkar Positron emission tomography. Tracing how and why it is so successful
Dr. Yaddanapudi Ravindranath Beta Thalassemia Study
Dr. Teena Chopra Real-life asthma models, their simulations, validation and implementation in nanodigital circuits.
Harini Sundararaghavan Biomedical Engineering Ray Mattingly, Doug Ruden An engineered co-culture system for NF1 neurofibromas
Jean Peduzzi Artificial spinal cord
Prahlad Parajuli Impact of IL-17-IL-17R interaction in gliomastem cell maintenance and tumor progression.  Additional projects on immune response in NTE pending
Yong Xu Electrical and Computer Engineering Bonnie Sloane Dynamic 4D Microfluidic Models for identifying Novel Druggable Targets in Lymphatic Metastasis of Breast Cancer
Jinsheng Zhang Cochlear Electrical Stimulation to Suppress Tinnitus in Rats
Phillip Levy Unobtrusive home physiological and activity monitoring enabled by ultrasensitive motion sensors
Gaurav Kapur Blood pressure measurement based on heart sounds
Kai Yang Industrial Systems Engineering Phillip Levy Risk factors identification related to cardiovascular disease among African-Americans using deep learning
Jenifer Beebe-Dimmer, Julie Ruterbosch Survival analysis and treatment recommendation for prostate cancer using active learning and deep learning
Terry Ellis Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
King H. Yang Biomedical Engineering Dr. Vaidya Rahul, Orthopedic surgery dept. Testing and engineering analysis of the INFIX external fixation devices
Yongli Zhang Civil and Environmental Engineering Thomas Kocarek Evaluation Removal of Emerging Contaminants by Mixed Algae Culture Integrated with Wastewater Treatment for Sustainable Preservation of Health Urban Water Systems
Melissa Runge-Morris Center for Leadership in Environmental Awareness (CLEAR)
David Pitts, Tracie Baker Emerging and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Detroit Drinking Water
Zichun Zhong Computer Science Dr. Seongho Kim, Dept. of Oncology Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies
Dr. Elisabeth Heath, Dept. of Oncology (Medical Oncology) BR in 3D medicine