2016 Funding Decisions

James and Patricia Anderson Engineering Ventures Institute

Advanced High-strength Steel
Dr. Susil K. Putatunda, Shashank Nellikuppam, Chemical Engineering
Nanostructured steel that is high strength, high fracture, low weight and low cost.

  • $25,000

BÉBÉ BEAT (Storywell Health)
Emily Baughman, MSPH, CHES; Kamaljit Chalal, Computer Engineering; Mojgan Mehrabi, Computer Science;
Brandon Wong, Electrical Engineering
A haptic device that offers peace-of-mind to parents having their first child by keeping in constant touch with their infant.

  • $5,000

Carbon footprint management system:  Locational Emissions Estimation Methodology (LEEM)
(Energy Emissions Intelligence LLC)
Dr. Carol Miller, Civil Engineering; Loch McCabe, Shepherd Advisors; Stephen S. Miller, Commonwealth Associates; Guoyao Xu, Todd Sykes, LEED; Dr. Caisheng Wang, ECE
Software tool to monitor in real-time the emissions and carbon footprint associated to the energy consumption.

  • $10,000

Cell-Based Cartilage Repair Solution (Modular Regenerations Systems, Inc.)
Dr. Howard Matthew, Kevin Miles, Chemical Engineering
A mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) augmented material solution that repairs and regenerates joint cartilage by using a pair of injectable or 3D printable "inks" using patient-derived, adult stem cells.

  • $16,500

Itch Free Natural Insecticide (It Comes Naturally)
Iyinoluwa Omishope, Industrial Systems Engineering
A DEET-free, natural, carrier oil based mosquito and insect repellent that also serves as a skin moisturizer and sun screen.

  • $5,000

Novel System of Supercritical CO2 dryers (Exfoli)
Michael Golfetto, Chemistry; Grant Lorimer, Biomedical Engineering
A supercritical CO2 dryer for low-cost, high-volume, high-quality graphene.

  • $32,000

PolidBone Cement for the Repair of Bone Defects
Dr. Weiping Ren, Biomedical Engineering; Rose Carmichael, BONWRX; Song W, Ph.D.; Dr. David Markel, Providence Hospital
PolidBone is an injectable, high-cohesion, high-strength bone replacement/cement that lowers risk of infection and reduces healthcare costs by decreasing surgery and recovery times.

  • $20,000

Skypersonic Safe Drone Technology Kit
Prof. Giuseppe Santangelo, Autonomous Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Drones Engineering
A drone development toolkit that enhances STEM education.

  • $65,000

2016 Funding cycle total amount:  $178,500