Plan of Work

Preliminary Plan of Work

A preliminary plan of study should accompany the application. It is intended to ensure that the university can meet the applicant's individual educational needs within the limits of the program. (The MSET program advisor will help potential students prepare the initial plan.)

Finalized Plan of Work

Students are required to submit a finalized Plan of Work that includes:

  • A statement of objectives, i.e., the educational aims of the student courses, both completed and remaining.
  • For students choosing "Plan B" The plan must include a master's project topic appropriate to the student's educational objectives

Plan of Work (PDF)

Core requirements

All MSET students must complete the core requirement, ET7430. A minimum grade of 'B' is required in this core course, and the grade of 'F' grade is not acceptable in any course.


One great feature of the MSET program at WSU, is that it is extremely flexible. Students can tailor their plans to fit professional goals by choosing which master's level classes will be included in their plans.

Guidelines for additional MSET credits 

  • Of the required credits, 18 credits must be in Division of Engineering Technology courses.
  • A maximum of eight transfer credits may be allowed for graduate courses taken at other accredited institutions, if they are appropriate to the student's plan of study. 
  • Students may choose to take graduate level classes from other departments in the College of Engineering. (Departmental permission and prerequisites may apply.)
  • Graduate courses completed at Wayne State as a nonmatriculated graduate student (up to eight credits) may be transferred toward the degree if they are applicable to the program. The minimum completion period for the program is estimated to be three semesters.

Master's project

The master's project emphasizes integration and application of knowledge to performing sophisticated tasks in practical industrial problems. Students in the MSET program must take a minimum four credits of master's project, although a greater number of credits may be taken for a project of broader scope. However, no more than six project credits can be counted toward the degree. Prior approval must be obtained before registering for the project. Project research can be conducted at Wayne State or at industrial sites. Students are required to submit a formal written report of the master's project in an acceptable master's thesis format, and will be examined orally on its content. The student will also be examined in the chosen area of specialization and in general aspects of engineering technology.