About us


To be a premier program in electric-drive vehicle engineering research, education and outreach.


  • Educate and prepare the technical and scientific workforce for the emerging electric-drive vehicle industry.
  • To promote and mobilize/align available resources to develop interdisciplinary research programs.
  • To disseminate technical information and raise public awareness on emerging electric-drive vehicle technologies.

Program goals

To reduce the nation's dependence on imported fossil energy and lessen the environmental impact of petroleum-based vehicles, there is an urgent need to electrify a significant proportion of our vehicles. This transformation in the mode of “fueling” our vehicles requires skilled engineers and technicians with specific training and education in electric-drive vehicle technology and infrastructure. Moreover, outreach and public education programs are needed to convince consumers to embrace the technology and understand the impact of this paradigm shift on our national and energy security, as well as on our environment. The overall goal of this program is to develop and implement a comprehensive set of advanced educational programs in electric-drive vehicles, including a master's degree in electric-drive vehicle engineering (EVE), a bachelor's degree in electrical transportation technology (ETT), associate's degrees in automotive technology and electronic engineering technology with an emphasis on electric-drive vehicles.

Wayne State's program was the first of its kind in the United States.

Program outcomes

  • A relevant curriculum based on input from the EV industry and “best practices” in EV-related curricula from around the world;
  • A cohesive set of graduate-level, undergraduate-level and technician-level courses and state-of-the-art interactive laboratory modules;
  • Accredited M.S. EVE and B.S. ETT degree programs;
  • National workshops to engage academic institutions with electric vehicle manufacturers, battery, electric components, fuel cell developers, and electric infrastructure companies for the design and development of EVE education programs;
  • Outreach programs for the general public, K-12 teachers, and first responders through workshops and seminars on safety and technological concepts of advanced electric-drive vehicle technology.
  • An electric-drive vehicle education center website to serve as a resource for the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge and materials in EVE technology and educational programs in the nation.


Dr. Gene Y. Liao
Program Director