Global Executive Track students

2023 cohort

  • Alyce Hider

    Alyce Hider

    Alyce is currently employed by Ford Motor Company as an Electrical Engineering Analyst. 

  • Jim Jouni

    Jim is currently employed by Giffin, Inc. as a Project Manager.

  • Prerna Tyagi

    Prerna Tyagi

    Prerna is currently employed by Assurant, Inc. as the Global Director of Innovation and NPD. 

  • Ben Messick

    Ben is currently employed by ATCO Industries, Inc. as the Director of Technology.

2022 cohort

  • Ellen Deleston

    Ellen is currently employed by Ford Motor Company as a Controls Engineer. 

  • Melvin Houston

    Melvin Houston

    Melvin is currently self-employed as an Attorney.

  • Chad Olson

    Chad Olson

    Chad is currently employed by Ford Motor Company as a Senior Manager of Global EV Strategy Concepting. 

  • Alex Davidson

    Alex is currently employed by Ford Motor Company as a BEV Planning Analyst.

2021 cohort

  • Abdalla Doleh

    Abdalla Doleh

    AB is employed by WSU School of Medicine as Manager of Biorepository for Perinatology Research.


  • Meena Chakraborty

    Meena Chakraborty

    Meena is employed by WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business as Adjunct Faculty.


  • Jason D'Souza

    Jason D'Souza

    Jason is employed by E&R Industrial as President.


  • Shreya Alse

    Shreya Alse

    Shreya is employed by Ford Motor Company as a Data Scientist.


2020 cohort

  • Marybeth Ketko

    Marybeth Ketko

    Marybeth is employed by MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions as a Sales Engineer.

    Research interests 

    • Sustainability
    • Six Sigma
    • Quality Management
  • Anna Nguyen

    Anna Nguyen

    Anna is employed by American Axle & Manufacturing as a Quality Engineer.


  • David Lanier

    David Lanier

    David is employed by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a Supervisor of Systems Redesign.

2019 cohort

  • Alan Amici

    Alan Amici

    Alan is employed by TE Connectivity as VP and Chief Technical Officer.

    Research interest

    • Future Mobility Technology
  • Peter Varma

    Peter Varma

    Peter is employed by IHS Markit as Associate Director of Product Engineering.

    Research interest

    • Data Analytics

  • Mark Crawford

    Mark Crawford

    Mark is employed by Interplai as CEO and Chief Technical Officer.

    Research interest

    • AI & Autonomous Last Mile Delivery

2018 cohort

  • Baha Mohsen

    Baha Mohsen

    Baha is employed by Kuehne + Nagel, Dubai, UAE as an E-Commerce Solutions Specialist for UAE & Oman.

    Research interests

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Systems & Process Improvement
    • Management

2017 cohort

  • Elvana Hammoud

    Elvana Hammoud

    Elvana is employed by DTE Energy as a Manager.

    Research interests

    • Innovation
    • Organizational learning
    • Systems efficiencies

    Teaching case study topics

    • Evolution of Customer Experience in the Utility Sector
    • Implementing an ERP System in the Utility Sector: Predicting and Mitigating Challenges in Customer-facing Transactions
  • Venkatesan Balaraman

    Venkatesan Balaraman

    Vennie is employed by Ford Motor Company as a Program Manager.

    Research interest

    • Autonomous Vehicles

    Teaching case study topic

    • A Plant Manager's Dilemma: When Quality, Quantity, and Cost Compete with Each Other
  • Bryan Beaver

    Bryan Beaver

    Bryan is employed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a Business Efficiency Consultant.

    Research interests

    • Complexity Management
    • Cyber-Physical Systems 
    • Sports Analytics

    Teaching case study topic

    • Unlocking Non-traditional Revenue Streams in Healthcare Insurance Landscape
  • Angela Johnson

    Angela Johnson

    Angela is employed by General Motors Corporation as the Manager of Demand/Supply Analytics.

    The GET program offers an innovative approach to build both technical and strategic expertise. It's easy to find programs to focus on one or the other, yet analytics without strategy lacks practical application and strategy without data lacks foresight. No other program I found balances these dual - and often diametric - skill areas to build well rounded theoretical and practical application knowledge that is immediately applicable and beneficial to corporate contribution.

    Research interests

    • Capacity Optimization and Planning across timelines and Internal/External Aggregation Levels
    • Demand/Supply alignment throughout the full supply chain
    • Related areas with respect to the automotive industry

    Dissertation topic

    • An enterprise solution for reducing and coping with schedule instability in a North American automotive OEMs
  • Deborah Habel

    Deborah Habel

    Deborah is employed by Wayne State University as Lecturer in Accounting Information Systems.

    Research interest

    • Business Information Applications of Big Data and Blockchain

2016 cohort

  • Shakti Chavan

    Shakti Chavan

    Shakti is employed by Fiat Chrysler of America as an Engineer.

    Research interests

    • Collaborative Product Development
    • Big Data Analytics 
    • E-Commerce
  • Aldo Pallisco

    Aldo Pallisco

    Aldo is employed by Magna Powertrain of America, Inc. as the Sales Director.

    Research interest

    • Automotive Product Development and Efficiencies

    Teaching case study topics

    • How come I can't get my car fixed?
    • How do you close down a factory and keep customers happy?
  • Jumana Judeh

    Jumana Judeh

    Jumana is employed by The Judeh Group as President and CEO.

    The GET program gives me the opportunity to apply my years of experience to research and dialogue that will advance myself and can help benefit other students in the process.

    Research interests

    • Real Estate Service Industry Systems and Efficiencies

    Teaching case study topics

    • Surviving the Unexpected Consequences of Disruptive Policy

2015 cohort

  • Gwendolyn Holowecky

    Gwendolyn Holowecky

    Gwen is employed by TRQSS, Inc. as a Manager of Industrial Engineering and Facilities.

    This program enhances industry-practice through rigorous academic research.

    Research interests

    • Flexibility
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Organizational Leadership and Culture

    Teaching case study topics

    • Managing Pull Uncertainty in a Lean Internal Supply Chain: Heijunka Kaizen to the Rescue!
    • Picking up the Organizational Pieces after a Global Breakup

    Dissertation topic

    • Framework for Effectively Integrating Flexibility and Lean
  • Surajudeen Lawal

    Surajudeen Lawal

    Suraj is employed by Toyoda Gosei as an Assistant General Manager in TGTX Quality.

    Through the GET program, I have seen a tremendous improvement in enhancing my knowledge, leadership, and strategic thinking skills. Additionally, I have been able to learn new ways to acquire best practices, tools, and methodologies to drive efficiences in the total value chain that will impact the organization and its supply base.

    Research interests

    • Lean & Flexible Manufacturing 
    • Sustainable Operations
  • Bernard Evans

    Bernard Evans

    Bernard is employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a Human Resources Specialist.

    Research interests

    • Data Analytics
    • Human Resource Management

    Teaching case study topics

    • Empowering HR Functions with Data Analytics: Case of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
    • Exploring Analytical Competencies for Improving Human Resource Decisions

2014 cohort

  • Wendilee Serra

    Wendilee Serra

    Wendy is employed by Comau as a Global Account Executive.

    Research interest

    • Organizational learning

    Teaching case study topics

    • Systems Interface Management: Often the Key to Production Throughput

2013 cohort

  • Eliezer Kotapuri

    Eliezer Kotapuri

    Eliezer is employed by Mass Technologies as the Chief Clinical Technology Officer.

    Research interest

    • Re-engineering Healthcare

    Dissertation topic

    • Systems Engineering Approach to the Deployment of Clinical Technologies

2012 cohort

  • Juman Doleh Alomary

    Juman Doleh Alomary

    Juman is the IT Audit Director of Wayne State University. 

    The GET program has allowed me to pursue my academic endeavors without compromising my career aspirations.

    Research interests

    • Quality and best practices
    • Cyber security
    • Global management
    • Information technology internal audit
    • Integrated audit
    • Risk
    • Governance
    • Compliance
    • Privacy & Control
    • Investigations
    • Application SDLC
    • Other security related controls

2011 cohort

  • Kevin Gembel

    Kevin Gembel

    Kevin is employed by General Motors Corporation as Group Leader at GM-Flint Truck Assembly.

    Research interests

    • Manufacturing
    • Production
    • Quality

    Teaching case study topic

    • Product Launch Issues and Their Effect on the Production Floor