COVID-19 Updates for 2021

Last Updated: Monday, April 19, 2021

During the current COVID-19 situation, the university has taken many actions to protect the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff. This page contains important information for prospective students scheduled to join different graduate and undergraduate programs of the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department in Winter 2021, Spring/Summer 2021, and Fall 2021.  

To protect the safety of our students and properly maintain social distancing, the department has taken the unprecedented step of offering almost of our core and other courses online through August 2021. The core courses are those that new students take right upon joining their MS or PhD program. While the courses are being offered online, students will have the opportunity to join the lectures from our highly qualified instructors "live", or "watch" recorded lectures at a time more convenient for the student. 

The department is committed to making this temporary transition as smooth and effective as possible. We look forward to the students reporting safely to Wayne State at the earliest possible time. Until that time, we look forward to engaging and teaching our students using state-of-the-art online platforms.

In light of the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wayne State University is waiving the application fee on all graduate applications submitted for the following terms: Winter 2021, Spring/Summer 2021, and Fall 2021. Unfortunately, we are not able to make this waiver retroactive for applicants who have already paid the application fee.

What follows is important information that will allow our new students to be prepared for taking courses in 2021!

Important Dates & Sessions | Course Registration | Program & Course Advising | Starting in Home Country - International Students 
Admission DefermentOnline Courses | Online Course Platform | Online Library | Other Important Resources 

More information will also be available through our formal online orientation program, monthly information sessions as well as e-mail communications.  This website will be updated on a regular basis. Visit it regularly to get the most current information! 

Current students looking for information on available resources should review this Engineering Link

A Graduate admissions frequently asked quesions (FAQ) page has been developed to answer the most common questions. 

Important Dates: 

  • Prospective Students - Engineering Graduate Programs Virtual Open House
    • Date to be Annoucned
  • New Student Orientation: The purpose of the orientation session is to share resources available from College of Engineering and Industrial & Systems Engineering Department and other important information for a successful start at Wayne State University.
    • College of  Engineering - Date To Be Announced
    • ISE Department Programs (Not Data Science Students) - Wednesday, August 18th - 9:00AM-10:30 (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) / RSVP in Advance
    • MS Data Science & Analytics Program - Date To Be Announced
  • Monthly Informal Program Information Sessions: The purpose of these meetings is to provide more updates to our incoming new students, students who have applications pending, those that want to learn more about our programs and to answer any questions students might have. 
    • Graduate Information Sessions:
      • Graduate Programs: Thursday, May 6th from 8-9AM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
      • Graduate Programs: Tuesday, June 8th from 8-9AM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
      • Graduate Programs: Tuesday, July 13th from 8-9AM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
      • Graduate Programs: Wednesday, August 4th from 8-9AM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
    • Undergraduate Information Sessions:
      • Undergraduate Program: Thursday, May 6th from 6-7PM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
      • Undergraduate Program: Tuesday, June 8th from 5-6PM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
      • Undergraduate Program: Tuesday, July 13th from 5-6PM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
      • Undergraduate Program: Wednesday, August 4th from 5-6PM (Detroit, Eastern Standard Time) - RSVP Link
  • Academic Year 2021-2022 Schedule:

Course Registration:

To register or browse for classes, visit the Registration website.

Program & Course Advising:

The faculty advisors for the different graduate and undergraduate programs are available to answer any questions you might have about joining the program this Fall or course selection and other related questions. Here are your contacts for Individual Programs: 

  • Undergraduate Program 
    • Dr. Evrim Dalkiran | | +1.313.577.5372 
    • Gail Evans-Hoze, Academic Advisor | | +1.313.577.2660 
  • MS Industrial Engineering Program 
    • Dr. Jeremy Rickli | | +1.313.577.1752 
    • Eric Scimeca, Admissions Coordinator | | +1.313.577.0412 
  • MS Manufacturing Engineering Program 
    • Dr. Kyoung-Yun Kim | | +1.313.577.4396 
    • Eric Scimeca, Admissions Coordinator | | +1.313.577.0412 
  • MS Engineering Management Program 
    • Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam | | +1.313.577.4846
  • MS Data Science & Business Analytics Program 
    • Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam | | +1.313.577.4846 
    • Rob Carlson, Admissions Coordinator | | +1.313.577.9615  
  • PhD in Industrial Engineering Program 
    • Dr. Alper Murat | | +1.313.577.3872 
    • Mark Garrison, PhD Program Manager | | +1.313.577.5683 

International Students: Starting from home country

For all new international students joining the Winter 2021, Spring/Summer 2021, or Fall 2022 semesters, you are welcome to begin your studies from your home country via online courses. You can enroll with an Overseas (OF) status, which enables you to register for our online fall classes, and then travel to campus when it is safe. OF is a status in our WSU system and not an immigration status, so there is no limit (either terms or credits) on how long you can be on Overseas (OF) status.

When an international student reaches out to WSU requesting to take classes online, the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) gathers information about when the student plans on coming to campus and will issue the I20 months before they arrive.  Part of the process is explaining to students what types of documents are required and when they are needed. International students are instructed about the Overseas (OF)-to-F1 steps by WSU Office of Internationatl Students & Scholars (OISS) before OISS creates an OF profile for them. Please direct specific questions about your situation to OISS, and include your WSU ID. For additional information see the recent message from the Office of International Programs

International Students: Coming to the United States

July 24, 2020 - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has clarified parts of the SEVP March 2020 "status quo" guidance  as it relates to fall 2020 for both new and continuing international students. In particular, new international students who are coming to the U.S. must enroll in at least one in-person class (which can be a hybrid) to maintain their visa status.  The planned hybrid model (a combination of on-campus and remote/online classes) WSU is offering each term should provide some flexibility in that regard. Read the "Next Steps and FAQ" website. This policy does not apply to current International Students.

Deferring Admission:

Any student that would like to defer admission to a future term due to the current COVID-19 circumstances can do so quite easily.

Online Courses:

Core courses for many of our key Undergraduate, MS, and PhD programs will be available as Hybrid (synchronous learning) allowing in person and remote access for Fall 2021 semester.

Online Course / Learning Platform: Canvas

Our department uses an online Learning Management System called Canvas. All courses that students enroll in will be added to their dashboard in Canvas. This is where you will access your course syllabus, assignments, submit homework, and access grades. Within each course is a "conference feature" which integrates the platform Zoom and is how our online classes are accessed live or for watching pre-recorded lectures. Our online classes are offered both as "synchronous" with instruction from live instructors and "asynchronous" with pre-posted videos. In both cases, our faculty actively engage and connect with students online to answer questions and provide course guidance. For students who are not able to participate live or need a refresher on a portion of the instruction, recorded playbacks will be available in Canvas under the Conferences section. 

Students new to Canvas, should complete the free introduction course to better prepare for the upcoming semester. You can learn more about Canvas here.  

You can access the Canvas platform here using your Access ID and Password: 

Visit the Registrar's web page on Understanding how to read your Class Schedule to learn what all of the terms and codes mean on your course registration portal.

Online Library:

The libraries are joining the university in taking a proactive approach to help ensure the safety of the campus community. Information is changing very quickly but this link outlines the libraries' current plans for operations to support remote and online learning. Whether you are on campus, at home, or anywhere in the world, the library is ready to support your learning and academic needs. Many of their staff, collections and services are available online anytime, anywhere and we encourage you to reach out to them if there's something you need that is not easily available to you. During this challenging time, we will work to find creative ways to get you the support and resources that you need to be successful. 

Other Important Resources: