The GET Ph.D. program is based on the expectation that you, learning partner, will develop the ability to think intensely and critically about problems confronting an organization, a community, a nation and the world. Through conceptually modeling these problems, assessing and modifying the assumptions underlying the models, testing assumptions empirically and applying modes of thought drawn from many disciplines, you will draw conclusions and propose solutions based on the results your research generates.

Our curricula and coursework provide a foundation for conducting rigorous research and practicing evidence-based management. Courses are interrelated theoretically and methodologically and prepare you to bring academic, theoretical and empirical perspectives to take on problems that you face in your organization or in public policy advocacy.

Our program offers two concentrations (download handout): 

  • Managerial - Designed for Executives, Managers, Consultants who are interested in broadening their global leadership skills & competencies while pursuing research around strategy, leadership, all facets of the product & service development life cycle & related business functions.
  • Technical - Designed for Technical Leaders and Consultants who want to deepen their domain knowledge and customize their research to a specific problem of practice.

Course map

  • Coursework: 60 credits, or 70 credits for students without IE background
  • Transfer from relevant master's degree: up to 32 credits
  • Develop two teaching case studies
  • Dissertation research: 30 credits

For a minimum total of 90 credits and two teaching case studies for program completion.

Curriculum Map

For additional course information, review the general bulletin.

Research requirements and deliverables

Case studies

To enhance writing skills and provide the learning partners with the opportunity to contribute to the body of teaching knowledge in industrial and systems engineering, each Executive Track cohort will draw on their years of relevant experience to develop and defend two (2) original Teaching Case Studies throughout the program. Successful development and defense of these two case studies will serve to satisfy the preliminary examination requirement of the Ph.D. program. 

Research intensive sessions

Each year the GET Program will conduct up to three half-day Research Intensive Sessions that learning partners will be expected to participate in. The Sessions will learning partners presenting their research topics or proposals to faculty and industry professionals.  Faculty and Industry professionals will provide feedback on the topics and insight into the proposals to better help the learning partners hone their research.


The GET program will run workshops that learning partners are encouraged to participate in. The workshops are designed to correlate with the materials being covered in the Executive Track program by using visiting Faculty and Industry Experts to provide new, interesting, and relevant material. In the past we have had workshops with faculty members from Georgia Tech, experts from Steelcase, Sonic Rim, and Johnson Controls.


The GET program requires all learning partners to propose and complete a formal dissertation. Learning partners will have the opportunity to tailor the dissertation research to their interests aligned with the program objectives. The learning partners are also required to disseminate the results of their dissertation research for publication in scholarly journals.

For More Information

Mark Garrison, Program Manager