Course syllabi

The department is constantly reviewing and improving our course offerings to best meet the needs of our students as they compete in an increasingly competitive, global technical climate.

Please select the links below for our latest course offerings syllabi, including class description, topics covered and instructor contact information. Please note that these are subject to change. 

Undergraduate courses:

  • IE 3120 Work Design
  • IE 3450 Manufacturing Processes I
  • IE 3460 Manufacturing Processes Lab
  • IE 4120 Introudction to Human Factors Engineering
  • IE 4250 Engineering Data Analysis
  • IE 4260 Principles of Quality Control
  • IE 4310 Production Control
  • IE 4330 Facilities Design
  • IE 4355 Product Engineering
  • IE 4420 Systems Simulation
  • IE 4560 Operations Research
  • IE 4700 Leadership in Manufacturing
  • IE 4800 Engineering Design I: Project Management
  • IE 4850 Engineering Economy
  • IE 4880 Engineering Design II

Graduate courses:

Engineering Management Masters program (Off-Campus):

Global Executive Track PhD program: