Civil engineering student and fencer named All-American athlete

Civil engineering student and Wayne State fencer Zuzanna Sobczak has been named an All-American athlete for her success in the gym and the classroom.

Sobczak wanted to become an engineer after being inspired by her grandfather.

“My grandfather is an environmental engineer. Since I was very little, I have always enjoyed his stories about his career, so I’d say he encouraged me to be an engineer,” she said.

Sobczak, originally from Poland, came to Wayne State University on an athletics scholarship.

“In Poland, it’s hard to combine athletics and academics, but it’s possible at Wayne State,” she said.

Even though homework and practice take up most of her time, Sobczak has learned to balance her schedule.

“Playing sports really teaches you how to have good time management. Stay organized and take advantage of your time,” she advises.

Sobczak says she has always been welcomed with kindness in the College of Engineering and the athletics department and is grateful for her opportunities at Wayne State.

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