Gene Liao

Gene Liao

Professor, Engineering Technology; Graduate Program Director, Electric-drive Vehicle Engineering and Alternative Energy Technology

Gene Liao


Dr. Liao's teaching and research interests are in the areas of Mechanical Design, Multi-body Dynamics, Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain, and CAE applications in products development and manufacturing.  He has over 15 years of industrial practice in the automotive sector prior to becoming a faculty member.


Research Projects

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
    • HEV/EV modeling, simulation, and optimization of hybrid powertrain configurations and component sizing.
    • Install/convert utility van to series HEV:  Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) with TARDEC
    • Fuel efficiency improvement on  Light Medium-Duty Tactical Vehicle (LMTV)
  • Hybrid Vehicles Education and Training
  • Center for Advanced Automotive Technology - HEV/PHEV/EV, AFV, FCV
  • Flexible multibody dynamics-based model for compliant sheet-metal handling in transfer press system
  • Drivability/driveline dynamics of conventional and hybrid electric vehicle

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