Andrei Borisov

Andrei Borisov

Associate Professor Research, Biomedical Engineering

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Andrei Borisov

Courses Taught

 Courses Taught (current and past):

BME5995 / BME7995 Histology and Tissue Biology for Biomedical Engineers
BME5995 Methods of Microscopic Analysis and Imaging
BME5070 Human Anatomy
BME5995 Principles of Regenerative Biology and Medicine
BME 5010 Engineering Physiology
BME5995 Engineering Anatomy
BME5990 and BME7990 Directed Study
BME7995 Quantitative Physiology
BME4910 / BME 4920 Biomedical Engineering Design (project mentor)
BME 3910 Biomedical Engineering Design (guest instructor)
BME8070 Seminar in Biomedical Engineering (guest lecturer)
BME5995 Cellular and Molecular Imaging (guest lecturer)
Development of new courses and laboratory curricula
Mentoring Honors Program research projects, Honors theses and bachelor / master theses

Research Interests

 Tissue Engineering, regenerative medicine and biomaterials
Biomedical instrumentation, biosensors and diagnostic tissue imaging
Neuromuscular and myocardial injury, regeneration and rehabilitation
Biomechanical sensing and signal transduction in cells and tissues
Mechanisms of ischemic and hypoxic tissue damage
Biomedical and engineering education