Tierra Bills

Tierra Bills

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Tierra Bills


Dr. Tierra Bills is a former Michigan Society Fellow and Assistant Professor, at the University of Michigan. She also worked as a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa, from 2013 – 2016. Much of Dr. Bills’ current research focuses on investigating the social impacts of transportation projects. She uses an activity-based travel-demand modeling approach to investigate individual and household-level transportation-equity effects, for the purpose of designing transportation systems that will provide more equitable returns to society. Her other areas of interest include public transit, transit reliability, and emerging data sources for travel demand modeling.


Ph.D. 2013, University of California, Berkeley (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
M.S. 2009, University of California, Berkeley (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
B.S 2008, Florida A&M University (Civil Engineering Technology)

Courses Taught

 CE 4850 Engineering Economy Fall 2019

Research Interests

  • Travel Behavior Modeling
  • Transportation Equity
  • Transportation Economics
  • Emerging Data for Travel Modeling
  • Public Transportation


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