Research Excellence Awards

The College of Engineering has established the Faculty Research Excellence Award to recognize distinguished research accomplishments of COE faculty members. Up to three awards will be presented annually to tenured and tenure-track faculty. The award will consist of $2,500, together with a recognition plaque that will be presented during the spring Faculty Assembly.  Previous Research Excellence Awardees are not eligible to apply.

College of Engineering tenured and tenure-track faculty may self-nominate or nominate fellow colleagues for the Research Excellence Award. The nomination package must consist of the following materials:

  1. A statement and supporting documents describing the nominee's distinguished research accomplishments (10 pages maximum, minimum font size: 12 point)
  2. A copy of the nominee's professional record (last 5 years); and
  3. Three letters of recommendation elaborating on the significance of nominee's research accomplishments, from faculty members and/or researchers in the nominee's research field. At least one of the recommendation letters should be from another academic institution or industry representative. The letters of recommendation should be sent via email directly to the Office of Associate Dean for Research at

Selection criteria will be based on recent (last five years) research accomplishments as evidenced by 1. Significant publication in high impact journals, conference proceedings, or books; 2. Significant technology breakthrough with patents and/or licensing; 3. Prestigious national or international research awards; and/or 4. Major research/center grants. The College's Research Advisory Committee will review the applications and will recommend awardees to the Dean.

The nomination package, including the cover page and all supporting documents (excluding recommendation letters and professional record), is limited to a total of 10 pages. The nomination materials must be submitted as a single pdf document via email to the Office of Associate Dean for Research at on or before 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 29, 2021. It is anticipated that up to three awards will be given every year, with at least one award given to tenure-track faculty. However, the Research Advisory Committee reserves the rights to recommend an appropriate number of award(s), if any, for each year.