Study abroad

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), all Summer 2021 incoming and outgoing study abroad opportunities are suspended. 

Incoming study abroad opportunities

The College of Engineering welcomes students from other institutions to work in faculty labs and experience Detroit, Michigan.  Through different agreements, most recently we have students join us in the summer from Austria, China, and Taiwan.

Research with WSU faculty- Chang Gung University, Taiwan

5-7 engineering undergraduate students from Chang Gung University  - opportunity to do research with WSU engineering faculty for 8 weeks during the summer.  Topics vary based upon faculty available and student interests.  Research topics may include:

  • Novel cathode materials for beyond Li-ion energy storage systems
  • Highly structured TiN nanotube arrays for Li-S battery
  • Video-based curb detection for autonomous driving 
  • 3D Deep Learning and Applications 
  • High-density Implantable Neural Implants as Brain Machine Interfaces 
  • Flexible and Transparent Graphene Wireless Sensors for Human Physiological Monitoring 
  • Operating Systems for Future Smart Homes 

Research with WSU faculty- TU Graz, Austria

Up to 5 students studying engineering or an engineering related field are invited to come to WSU in Summer for 6 weeks to complete research with engineering faculty. Topics span all 8 of our engineering and computer science departments.

Outgoing study abroad opportunities

Several research and credit opportunities for Engineering students are available in China, Austria, Japan, and France in the summer.  Some programs are a couple weeks; some extend several weeks.  Many of the programs provide scholarships to lower your expenses.   

Why do a summer study abroad experience?  Gain experience; learn about international engineering technology and issues; build your connections to facilitate entering the engineering career field; and the experience would be fun.  

Explore the study abroad programs and find a program which would enhance your engineering skills & perspectives.  Consult with your engineering advisor to learn how this experience would add academic credits towards your degree.
College of Engineering scholarships are available for all students accepted into a study abroad experience. Amount varies depending upon how many students participate.  No additional scholarship application is required.

  • China- HUST

    HUST a national comprehensive university, ranking among the top seven in China and among the top 200 in the world. Located in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, HUST, known as "the University in the Forest", covers an area of over 460 hectares.  HUST faculty are devoted to fusing the humanities with the sciences, and are dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals.
    HUST has 40 schools and departments, covering 10 subject areas:  philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, and the arts.  The university offers a variety of degree programs, including 99 undergraduate programs, 202 master's programs and 189 PhD programs.  There are approximately 58,000 students on campus, including 25,000 postgraduates and 3626 international students from 153 countries.

    At present, HUST is offering WSU students free tuition and free housing for the two week programs as well as the six-month internship. Students would thus be responsible only for their own airfare, visa, personal expense, and food (which may come to about $5 per day on campus). If students are also interested in teaching English in the countryside the two weeks prior to the short academic programs, our WSU Confucius Institute can offer visa and in-country expenses for up to about ten students.

    Each program would be interspersed with lessons and lectures on Chinese language and culture along with a few outings or field trips. 

    2 Week Program Topics (brochures have more information about experience):

    July 5 - July 18, 2020

    Company Internships:

    Company Internships through HUST and industry is a 6 month experience, with three months spent learning Chinese and three months serving as an intern at a Chinese company.

    Deadline to apply: At least one month prior to the start of the program.  Application details are on the brochures.  Please contact WSU Confucius Institute Director John Brender and College of Engineering Assistant Dean Sondra Auerbach prior to sending materials to HUST.

    Brochures have more information about HUST.  Opportunity will be posted to the WSU Confucius Institute website once available as well.

  • China- Xidian University

    To enhance bilateral exchanges with partner universities, Xidian University will hold "2019Inspiring ICT" International Summer School on Information and Communication Technology between 30thJune to 9thJuly,2019 in Xi'an,China. A series of activities will be organized, including cutting-edge lectures given by world-renowned scholars and industrial elites, field trips to the innovative start-up and a leading Chinese IT company and historical sites in Xi'an.For 10 days, students will have once-in-life experience with about 300 peers from all over the world.

    We sincerely invite your university to recommend both undergraduate and postgraduate students in related fields to join in the summer school. To acknowledge your long-time support and promote bilateral student exchange, we will waive fees of two students, including the costs of food, accommodation, transportation, lectures and visits after landing in Xi'an, but the costs of round-trip flights, insurance, and personal spending are not included.

    Application closed for 2019.

  • China- Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)

    EGR 5995  (4 credits) Global Engineering & Creative Problem Solving

    Eligible students:  Engineers with at least sophomore level, up through 1st year MS students; Must be in good academic standing
    Point of contact:  Chin-An Tan
    Costs:  Travel, WSU tuition, some food. 

    Learn more about this opportunity

    Application closed for 2019.

  • France - Epitech

    Experience the project-based learning approach and make your own connected device or video game with your international team!  

    Program dates: 6-24 July 2020  

    Place: 14 rue Voltaire, 94 270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre  

    Language of instruction: English  

    Two options: Game development or Internet of Things  

    Credits earned: 6 ECTS 

    Learn more from their program website.

    Application requirements:

    • Copy of your passport   
    • Copy of your university transcripts in English   
    • Attestation of your English language proficiency (TOEFL IBT: 65 / IELTS: 5.5/ TOEIC: 600/ CECRL B2/Internal test of English proficiency from your home institution)  

    Applicants from diverse backgrounds and with a diverse level of experience are encouraged! Applicants should have at least a basic knowledge of programming and must have completed at least one year of higher education in a field related to IT. 

    Deadlines :  Final application deadline: May 31, 2020 (rolling admission) 

    Program Costs: Special Rate for Exchange Partners!   
    6-credit tuition + program fee = 1600€  

    Check out this video to see what it's like to be part of the Epitech Summer School!

  • Italy - Riga Technical University (RTU) and University of Trieste

    Riga Technical University (RTU) and University of Trieste, Italy:  Joint Summer School Opportunity 'Nonlinear Life' 

    Professors from Italy, Latvia and other countries will deliver lectures within the fields of biomedical engineering, life sciences, and medical technologies.  Students will visit advanced research institutions, such as the Italian synchrotron radiation facility (elettra) as well as companies operating in the biomedical field.

    Application closed for 2019.

  • Italy- Università degli Studi dell'Aquila (UNIVAQ)

    One WSU Master of Science Mechancial Engineering student, 6 months studying in Italy. 

    Scholarship includes salary plus travel funds.

    Application closed for 2019.

  • Mexico- iTexico

    iTexico/Wayne State Study Abroad opportunity in Guadalajara Mexico

    • Selecting 5-6 WSU College of Engineering students
    • Undergraduate or Graduate standing; must be at least Junior standing; can not be graduating May or August 2019
    • 7 week duration, Monday May 20 – Friday July 5; arrive the weekend prior to start date.  
    • Paid, between $1500-$2000 total

    Project descriptions

    iTexico has already selected 6 different projects that includes AI/ML, design and general computer engineering using Microsoft, Amazon and JavaScript technologies. 

    The selected projects (descriptions) are:

    • Real state company that provides services to people who are looking either to rent or buy a house based on a number of factors including credit score and specific.
    • Mobile application for tenants of apartment buildings to manage all the aspects of their apartment, including: rent, maintenance, packaging, cleaning, etc.
    • Big data project (no additional details at this time)
    • AI project that includes computer vision, machine learning and NLP
    • Cyber security project (testing and development)
    • Devices remote telemetry

    Students will be placed into projects based upon their interests and skills. The various topics are below. Please submit 1) a resume and 2) indicate your top two general areas of focus choices:

    • Computer science or engineering
    • Data sciences
    • AI/ML
    • Global marketing (research/social media)
    • Design engineering, UI/UX

    Other information:

    Location: The office is at Centro del Software in Guadalajara City

    Housing: Housing costs are included. The house is walking distance from the office, and it will be cleaned by a staff once a week. The house is very well located - near local malls, restaurants and supermarkets. 

    Other Costs - food, travel, to/from airport suggestions:   Students selected have to travel to Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Internacional Airport in Guadalajara, Mexico. Transportation from the airport will be provided. Daily food costs - breakfast from $4 USD, lunch from $8 USD and dinner from $6 USD. Uber is readily available in Guadalajara. There are some group trips organized near by Guadalajara (Chapala Lake, Tequila Town, or Tapalpa). Students will be invited to the host's home for an integration party to get to know each other.

    Application closed for 2019.

  • Taiwan- National Chung Hsing University

    One (1) student participates in the “2020 Summer Program for International Students” held at National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan from July 29th - August 12th, 2020.

    The main objective of the summer program is to enhance the education collaboration and student exchange between our sister universities.  Last year’s program gathered 30 international students from the University of Delaware USA、University of California Davis, USA、University of Massachusetts--Lowell, USA、Wayne State University, USA、University of Cincinnati, USA、Czech Technical University, Czech Republic. Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland. Toyota Technological Institute, Japan、Tohoku University, Japan、Nanzan University, Japan、Waseda University, Japan、Seowon University, Korea、Kasetsart University, Thailand、Chiang Mai University, Thailand、Nong Lam University、University of Science, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam、Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. The program included Chinese culture courses as well as special lectures in the fields of engineering. Students were able to explore the state-of-the-art engineering technologies developing in Taiwan as well as experience the beauty of this “treasure island”. During the two weeks, students also joined different directed study programs in the selected research groups from the college. The outcomes of the directed study were presented in the end of the summer program.

    Following the big success in last year, this year’s program will be held from July 29th to August 12th, 2020. Participants will directly join the independent study program in one of the selected research groups from Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Precision Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. For every student, NCHU College of Engineering will provide accommodations, food expenses, and tuition. Information and detailed curriculum of the summer program can be found in the enclosed leaflet. 

    If interested, contact Assistant Dean Sondra Auerbach by Monday March 23rd with your name, department, and a few sentences why you would like to participate.  Recipient name will be decided shortly thereafter.

  • TU Graz, Austria [RESEARCH]

    EGR 5995 (3 credits) at the Graz University of Technology  Virtual opportunities for Summer 2021
    Work with faculty in their labs.  Various research opportunities available in the following disciplines:  BME, ChemE, ECE, and Computer Science.  

    Please submit as a single pdf to Sondra Auerbach []::

    • Resume
    • Letter of motivation (300-350 words)
    • Project title(s) - if interested in more than 1 project, please rank projects starting with most preferred


    Submit your interest for Summer 2021 (mid-May, 2021 through late June, 2021) virtual research opportunities by December 10, 2020.TU Graz faculty will determine the feasible scope of research in a virtual environment.