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Welcome to PEPSO (Pollutant Emission and Pump Station Optimization) a computational tool that builds upon the traditional EPANET framework with a robust optimizer to allow near real-time targeted reductions of energy consumption, cost, and/or environmental footprint of water network operation.  The unique feature of PEPSO is its ability to calculate real-time, spatially specific, emissions associated with all potential pump station operation scenarios associated with each demand and design condition using a Genetic Algorithm (GA) and the LEEM methodology. 

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The first version of PEPSO was published on May 30, 2014. A link to download the latest version is provided at the end of this page. PEPSO has been case-tested using two real, operating water systems. As the team continues to embellish and validate PEPSO, we expect revised versions to be uploaded to this site. From January 2015, our team started to overhaul the first version of PEPSO. Throughout this process, we found multiple opportunities to improve PEPSO. So we are aiming to release the second version of this software. But while we are developing the second version, we are happy to receive comments for improvement. The below chart illustrates key improvements of PEPSO from version one to version two.

We are trying to make PEPSO 2 more user-friendly and one of its key improvement is  its ability to connect to LEEM 2.5 server to get environmental signals of energy usage automatically. Note that the LEEM technology can be used to provide temporally and spatially accurate emission estimates for any type of system electricity demand.  As such, it has wide application and the team is developing additional tools for other industries.  PEPSO can be used to address numerous system sustainability and regional air quality questions that previously relied on coarse, national and temporal averages of emission profiles.  PEPSO identifies the time- and space- specific marginal generator and the associate specific emission features.

PEPSO OUTPUT: the Simulated value of objective function during program operation, as it approaches a global minimum.   The objective function is a user-defined combination of energy use, energy cost, energy emissions, and penalty functions. Another visual output from PEPSO is the optimized pump operation schedule. PEPSO’s optimized solution can be output in an appropriate format to be used as an input file for EPANET execution, allowing PEPSO's result to be used seamlessly with the existing tools and capabilities of EPANET. 

To receive the PEPSO package please click on the link below. This package includes the PEPSO executable file, user manual and tutorial files.

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