Scholarships and financial aid

University resources

New to Wayne State? Many scholarship opportunities exist. Submit your WSU admissions application by the scholarship deadlines to be eligible, and visit our Records and Registration Office for tuition and fee information. Representatives in the financial aid and scholarships offices are on hand assist you in finding ways to finance your education. Learn about university grants, loans, scholarship and work study opportunities, and apply for financial aid. The University also offers WSU Alumni Scholarships and Private Scholarships.

College of Engineering resources and scholarships

The College of Engineering has been a place of opportunity for thousands of men and women in the last 80 years—regardless and sometimes in spite of life's circumstances. We have a rich tradition of welcoming students from every walk of life. 

Today's students are no different. Our highest priority is to ensure each one of them receives the benefit of a Wayne State engineering and computer science education regardless of financial need. Scholarships empower our students to focus on what's most important: the future.

The College of Engineering is fortunate to have a community of alumni and donors that help support deserving students with additional scholarships. Most of these scholarships are targeted at students who have completed at least one term as an engineering student and demonstrate a combination of academic achievement, leadership and financial need. Although financial need is not required for all college scholarships, applicants are required to have a current FAFSA on file with the university financial aid office.

The application for the 17-18 academic year is closed!  Deadline to submit: 8am March 20, 2017.   

For Graduate Students

M.S. recruiting scholarships are extended during the admissions cycle. Your application to the program is your application to any of these funds. These recruiting scholarship are not awarded every year.

Current students have opportunities to apply for scholarships either through the College of Engineering, the Graduate School, or outside organizations. Email announcements are sent to graduate students. Visit the Financial Resources listed under the Graduate Programs Office website for available graduate student scholarships.

College endowed scholarships

Endowed scholarships below may be awarded each year. The college additionally has a number of annual scholarships that are awarded each academic year.

  • 50th Anniversary Engineering Alumni Endowed Scholarship
  • Albert I. King Endowed Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering (PDF)
  • Allen Kovacs Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
  • Arthur R. and Edith I. Carr Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Charles Lewitt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering
  • David R. McLellan Engineering Endowed Scholarship - The David R. McLellan Engineering Endowed Scholarship was created by Mid America Motorworks  and the Mike Yager Family to honor David R. McLellan, BSME '59. Dave McLellan graduated from Wayne State University as a mechanical engineer and then joined General Motors Proving Ground Noise and Vibrations. Dave's career took him to Chevrolet where he led the team that finished the 70 ½  Camaro development. In 1975, he was appointed Corvette Chief Engineer and served for over 17 years. His last development of the Corvette resulted in the backbone architecture that would be the hallmark of the C5. Dave retired from General Motors in 1992 and went on to consult. He also published his book, "Corvette from the Inside, the 50 Year Development History."
  • Dr. Robert C Banasik, P.E. Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Tapan Datta Endowed Scholarship - In 2009, Professor Tapan Datta, MSE '68 was appointed by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm to the Michigan Construction Safety Standards Commission in recognition of his many national and local civil engineering accomplishments. Dr. Datta has served as a professor and mentor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for over 36 years. This fund was established by Dean Ralph H. Kummler, faculty, and alumni to pay tribute to Dr. Datta with the intention to recognize and facilitate scholarly achievement with the the study of trasportation research.
  • Drs. Anthony and Joyce Danielski Kales Endowed Scholars Award in Biomedical Engineering
  • Ernest B. Drake Endowed Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
  • Ferdinand G. Bolle Endowed Scholarship Fund in Engineering - The Ferdinand G. Bolle Endowed Scholarship Fund was endowed by Ann Bolle to assist with tuition and other educational expenses for engineering students.
  • Frank G. Viscomi Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Frederick G. Weed Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
  • General Dynamics Land Systems Endowed Scholarship - General Dynamic Land Systems has recognized the success of their employees who are Wayne State University alumni by creating an endowed scholarship to assist students in financing their education in the College of Engineering.
  • George H. Klaetke Endowed Scholarship - George Klaetke, BSCE '55, MSE '63, was born in Detroit and graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1950. He enrolled at Wayne State University to study civil engineering and also worked part time downtown at an architect's office. After earning his BSCE in 1955, he was drafted to the army for two year as an asphalt-paving technician. Following his army experience, Klaetke returned to Wayne State and earned his Master's in Civil Engineering in 1962. He started his own private practice as a consulting structural engineer where he worked for 30 years before retiring in 1995. He decided to establish the George H. Klaetke Endowed Scholarship as payback for the opportunity he was given to pursue an education and to become the first member of his family to receive a college degree.
  • Gregory Kosmowski Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Harley Ellis Devereaux Endowed Scholarship - Harley Ellis Devereaux is a full-service organization that offers a range of planning, architecture, engineering and construction services. The firm was founded in Detroit in 1908 and has remained steadfast in their support of the city of Detroit and Wayne State which includes more than 50 design projects. The firm's talented professional staff includes a number of Wayne State graduates. This scholarship was created with the intention to provide support to Wayne State's College of Engineering students.
  • Herbert N. Weingarten Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Howard and Mary Kehrl Endowed Scholarship
  • Howard M. Hess Endowed Scholarship
  • James A. Anderson Engineering Ventures Endowed Scholarship - James A. Anderson, BSE '66, MSCE '70 established this scholarship with the purpose of funding programs that educate and mentor students on how to bring new ideas and products to the market in a real world setting. This will provide students with the interpersonal and non-technical skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • James E. and Christina L. Orr Scholarship
  • James H. McMicking Endowed Scholarship
  • Jay T. Strausbaugh Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
  • John G. Wright Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
  • John H. Morrison Endowed Memorial Scholarship - John H. Morrison was born in Pittsburgh in 1916 and became a resident of Detroit in 1922 where he resided for 75 years until his death in 1997. Morrison worked as an electrician with Ford Motor Company and retired after 40 years of service. In memory of John H. Morrison, his sister, Claire E. Morrison established this endowed scholarship to provide financial assistance to students in the College of Engineering.
  • John P. Stieber Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science
  • Joseph N. Prentis Endowed Scholarship - The Joseph N. Prentis Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by Richard S. Prentis to honor his late father, Joseph N. Prentis. Joseph Prentis was able to earn his engineering degree with the help of a loan, so his son established this scholarship in his father's memory to help students enrolled in the College of Engineering with tuition and educational expenses.
  • Joseph Sirotnak Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
  • Marshall Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael E. Conrad Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science
  • Murray and Helen Altman Endowed Scholarship
  • The Murray and Helen Altman Scholarship fund was established by family and friends of Murray Altman in honor of his 75th birthday.  
  • Nancy Philippart and Thomas McGrail Endowed Scholarship - Nancy Philippart, BSIE '80, earned a master's degree in economics from Wayne State in 1987 after completing her bachelor's degree. She has also been a part-time faculty member of the College of Engineering and currently serves on the Board of Visitors. Nancy began her career as an intern with General Motors and held numerous engineering and program management position over the years. She became executive director of GM Accessories, GM Service and Parts operation in January 2003. She has been recognized by Automotive News as one of the 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry. Thomas McGrail, her husband, graduated from Wayne State in 1982 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. McGrail is currently executive vice president and co-owner of Motor City Electric. It is their intention to help students pursue an overseas educational opportunity to become better prepared to meet future global engineering challenges.
  • Ralph and Jean Kummler Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard Robert Kaminski Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert G. Wingerter Endowed Award
  • Roman E. Boruta Endowed Scholarship - Roman E. Boruta, BSAeroE '51, had a successful career that spanned 55 years, starting with the U.S. Naval Air Missile Test. During his tenure, he helped develop their propulsion systems. Roman was inducted into the Wayne State University Engineering Hall of Fame in 1992. He was very proud of the recognition of his wonderful career by the university and created this scholarship to support scholastic achievement.
  • Stephen P. Hepler Memorial Scholarship
  • Structural Engineering Endowed Design Competition
  • Suzanne and Michael Royce Endowed Scholarship - Suzanne and Michael Royce have dedicated more than 20 years to supporting the learning of engineering students through their international involvement with Formula SAE, Formula Hybrid and Formula Student. Their strong belief is that the ability of students to participate in team-based national design competitions such as these greatly enhances their education. This scholarship is established to support students who have made substantial contributions to a national design competition team at Wayne State.
  • Timothy Alexander Endowed Scholarship - The Timothy Alexander scholarship was established to recognize scholastic achievement, encourage continued progress and assist co-op students in continuing their education.
  • Werner F Vogel Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
  • Willard F. Letts Endowed Scholarship - Willard F. Letts attended Wayne State on the GI Bill after returning from WWII. He passed away in December 2002 and, although he never completed his degree, he valued higher education and framed all of his children and grandchildren's collegiate diplomas and displayed them on his wall. Letts was a metallurgical engineer for his entire lifetime and started his own business, Eastern Flame Hardening Company, in Chester, PA.
  • William R. Kales Memorial Scholarship Fund