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The Department of Computer Science awards the degree of Master of Science with a major in computer science. The degree is distinguished on the basis of relative diversity and concentration of curricula. The Master of Science degree is granted to students who pursue a more concentrated cluster of topics leading to a master's thesis.

The great variety of subjects that are part of computer science, together with the immense diversity of their applications, makes it imperative that students in the master's program maintain close contact with their advisors to achieve a coherent plan of study directed toward a specific goal. In particular, elections of courses should be made with prior consultation and the approval of the student's advisor.

Admission to these programs is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School; for requirements. In addition, applicants are expected to have attained a level of scholarship in the baccalaureate program equal to a grade point average of 3.0 or better, including adequate preparation in computer science and supporting courses in mathematics. Normally, the entering student will be expected to have fulfilled the equivalent of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree at Wayne State University and to satisfy any deficiencies by successfully completing necessary course work, before becoming a candidate for an advanced degree. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE-minimum combined score of 305 for verbal and quantitative) is required for admission to the Master of Science program. Also required for admission are three letters of recommendation from faculty members of accredited colleges or universities and a statement of approximately 300 words describing the applicant's academic and professional goals.

Students planning to pursue some of the more technical courses may find it necessary to have additional preparation in mathematics and/or computer science. The student should make a careful examination of the prerequisites for advanced courses in his/her areas of special interest before seeking admission. Prerequisite course work which is required as a condition of admission must be completed prior to electing graduate courses.

Upon admission, each student is assigned an advisor for guidance and direction in meeting degree requirements and academic goals. As the student's interests in computer science become more refined, a change in advisor may be appropriate; forms for this purpose are available from the Department Office. Such a change should be done before submitting the Plan of Work.


By the time twelve credits have been earned, a Plan of Work should be developed with the student's advisor and submitted to the Chairperson of the Computer Science Graduate Committee. In the Plan of Work the student indicates his/her choice of master's program Plans A (thesis) or C (non-thesis). Upon approval of the Plan of Work by the Graduate Committee Chair, the student is considered a degree candidate. The student is not permitted to take more than twelve credits in the master's program unless candidacy has been established. If the student has not graduated after two years as a candidate, the Plan of Work will be reviewed for possible adjustment.

Academic Probation or GPA Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum overall 3.0 grade point average. Failure to do so for one semester places the student on academic probation. Failure to do so for two semesters will result in the student's dismissal from the graduate program. All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and the College governing graduate scholarship and degrees. The above requirements are those in force as of the publication date of this bulletin; however, students should keep in mind that the degree requirements for any particular student are those in force at the time of his/her admission.

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