Computer science department offers online data protection course

After a successful first semester, the Wayne State University Department of Computer Science is pleased to once again offer CSC 1002: Personal Digital Security for students taking classes in the spring and summer.

This online course — open to all majors, with no prerequisites or programming knowledge needed —will teach students how to keep their personal information safe. The course focuses on the risks of using digital devices, including viruses, hacking and other cyber-security threats, as well as the ways to mitigate these risks. Students also will learn how to identify, assess and repair devices that are already infected. It may count as an elective for some students.

Regardless of the career path a student takes, knowledge of these systems is a valuable skill on a résumé.

The department encourages students to register early in order to get one of the 100 open spots.

Testimonials from current students:
“When registering for Personal Digital Security, I didn't know what to expect from the course, especially since this was my first online class. I've learned a plethora of information, and this was the least stressful course I’ve taken". - Tre'Lon Hunt, Mechanical Engineering

"There are so many things I found out after taking this class... I didn't even know what malware was. I also didn't know that you could track an exact location from where a photo was taken if you don't adjust the settings first. Overall, the course is very beneficial for my life outside of the university and a tool to help me for the rest of my life," - Kayla Johnson, English

Contact Dr. Loren Schwiebert with questions. 

Register today!

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