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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Provide graduate students with outstanding academic and research experiences and to prepare them to meet the needs and challenges in electrical and computer engineering.


Our primary goal is to be one of the premier programs in providing education and cutting-edge research experiences to prepare our graduate students for careers in industry, academia and the public sector.


  • To provide faculty and students with an environment that is conducive to carrying out cutting-edge research and excellence in teaching.
  • To provide graduate students with focused instruction and research experiences in preparation for careers in industry, academia and the public sector.
  • To provide support needed for faculty to become and continue to be scholars, educators and innovative researchers.
  • To provide graduate students the opportunity to participate in professional projects, including internships with industry, for professional careers in industry.
  • To instill graduate students with the desire for life-long learning, innovation and creativity for advancement of the engineering discipline.