Engineering Technology professor receives best poster 2016 at Annual Lily Conference

Engineering technology professor Mukasa Ssemakula received the 2016 Poster Award at the Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning Lily Conference in Austin, Texas. His poster, titled “The Manufacturing Integrated Learning Laboratory (MILL) as a Model for STEM Education,” covered the issue of the lack of hands-on experiences in the classrooms. The poster discusses the involvement of manufacturing classes in helping prepare students for careers. According to the results of his study, students achieved high levels of success on assessments in their manufacturing classes. 

Hosted by the International Teaching Learning Cooperative (ITLC), the Lily Conferences on Teaching and Learning, bring together faculty and administrators from all disciplines to share scholarship on student learning. "We are extremely proud of Dr. Ssemakula and his work in this important area," said Simon Ng, associate dean for research at the College of Engineering. 

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