Industrial and systems engineering doctoral student receives Best Student Paper award at ISERC

In April, Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) doctoral student Wujun Si was nominated for the Best Student Paper Competition in the 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference's (ISERC) Quality Control and Reliability Engineering track in Anaheim, California. The paper, “An Enhanced Functional Linear Model and Application in Reliability Analysis by Utilizing Material Microstructures,” was awarded first place in the competition in May.

The paper, co-authored by ISE Professor Qingyu Yang and Mechanical Engineering Professor Xin Wu, is the first to incorporate material microstructure-image and micro-damage information into a reliability study that fundamentally improves the accuracy of failure and reliability prediction, according to Yang. The methods are usable in many industries, from aircraft to everyday machinery.

“During the past two years, our team has made significant progress on this NSF project. Six papers have been accepted/published by the top industrial engineering journals. Among them, two papers have been published by the Institute of Industrial Engineering’s (IIE) Transactions, the flagship journal of IIE,” said Yang.

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