Research centers

Center for Supply Chain Research:

The primary aim of the Center for Supply Chain Research, started in 2003, is to develop novel, yet practical tools, methodologies, and algorithms to facilitate integration and coordination in global supply chains through strategic, tactical, and operational decision support tools and agents. We emphasize a life-cycle perspective with particular consideration for sustainability. The group brings together advanced statistical and operations research methods, multi-agent systems, computational intelligence, game theory, and information theory in conducting research. A number of Ph.D. dissertations have come out of this group. Collaborations are currently in place with Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics Land Systems, and Delphi Automotive. For more information, contact Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam.

Center for Smart Engineering Systems:

The objective of this center is to pursue challenges in the design and development of smart engineering systems for enhancing productivity and enabling efficient utilization of resources. In particular, our focus is on autonomous diagnostics/prognostics, intelligent manufacturing systems, advanced quality/reliability engineering, and operations management. We meet this objective through effective utilization and extension of knowledge in traditional areas such as operations research and statistics and emerging areas of computational intelligence. Collaborations are currently in place with Ford Motor Company and General Dynamics Land Systems. For more information, contact Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam.

Center for e-Design:

The mission of the Center for e-Design is to serve as a nucleus of excellence for the creation and dissemination of a systematic body of knowledge in intelligent e-design and product and system realization.