Mechanical Engineering Department hosts Chinese delegation to discuss joint degree program

A delegation of five professors from Zhejiang University of Technology's College of Mechanical Engineering and Fuzhou University visited the Wayne State University College of Engineering on May 8, 2012, to explore the possibility of a joint degree program.

  Pictured from right to left: Prof. Yizhou Zhuang (Fuzhou University); Prof. Zengliang Gao (ZJUT); Dean Guozhong Chai (ZJUT); Dean Farshad Fotouhi (WSU); Prof. Walter Bryzik (ME, WSU); Vice Dean Shiming Ji (ZJUT); Prof. Huancai Lu (ZJUT); Prof. Trilochan Singh (ME, WSU); and Prof. Marcis Jansons (ME, WSU). Not pictured: University Distinguished Professor Sean Wu (ME, WSU) and Prof. Chin-An Tan (photographer, ME WSU).

Dean Guozhong Chai, Vice Dean Shiming Ji, Professor Zengliang Gao and Professor Huancai Lu of Zhejiang University and Professor Yizhou Zhuang of Fuzhou University met with WSU College of Engineering Dean Farshad Fotouhi and representatives from the Mechanical Engineering Department to discuss a 3+2 joint degree program. The delegation was later joined and welcomed by Dr. John Brender, director of the Confucius Institute, and Dr. Ahmad Ezzedine, associate vice president for Educational Outreach, at a dinner reception. 

The group also toured the acoustics lab with Distinguished Professor Sean Wu and the Center for Automotive Research with Professor Marcis Jansons. Wu and Professor Chin-An Tan organized the visit.

According to Tan, both parties look forward to pursuing and finalizing a joint degree program for fall 2013.

Lu and Zhuang obtained their doctorate degrees from Wayne State University and represent WSU alumni activities in China. Wu and former WSU Professor Gongkang Fu serve as their advisors, respectively.








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