Proposal Deadline Policy

The College of Engineering's Research Support Office has aligned itself with WSU's Sponsored Program Administration's deadline policy in order to better serve faculty members.

The below is excerpted from SPA's proposal submission policy:

"All proposals in final form, including all necessary attachments, should be submitted via Cayuse to SPA at least three (3) full university business days prior to the funding agency's submission deadline in order to receive comprehensive review. Please note that this change from five (5) business days was made in order to provide our researchers with additional time to finalize their proposals.

For example, if a proposal is due to the funding agency by Friday at 5:00 pm, it would need to be submitted to SPA no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday of that week. For complex proposals such as federal contract applications, center grants, program projects, proposals with more than three consortium partners, and other similar multiple-unit applications, an additional two days is highly recommended to ensure adequate time for review.

Proposals received after the internal deadline:

Of course, SPA will review all proposals whenever they are submitted; however, those proposals submitted less than three (3) full University business days before the agency's deadline will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis by the designated SPA Grant & Contract Officer [Engineering's Research Support Officer] following the completion of proposals submitted on time. Reasonable efforts will be made to complete the review and submission process before the funding agency's deadline. However, a successful submission cannot be guaranteed due to the high volume of proposals at major deadlines coupled with the level of review required to ensure electronic submission system requirements (e.g. have been met. SPA cannot be responsible for failed submissions of proposals received after the deadline."