Enabling Technology Laboratories and rehabilitation engineering

The Enabling Technology Laboratories (ETL) is a pioneer in the development and application of accessible and universal design techniques in the workplace and educational settings. The ETL develops novel technologies and systems for use by the disabled to improve their functional abilities in daily tasks and work activities. The ETL technologies address both the physical and cognitive demands of tasks and activities. Products include the Coordinator System, a collection of task specific modules and a controller which provides workers with feedback in weighing, counting, sorting, and packaging tasks, an indexing turntable to assist individuals with a limited range of motion with such activities as item placement and assembly tasks, and agile devices using Creform pipe & joint technology addressing material handling and positioning concerns. Projects are often patient or client specific. The laboratory receives support from the National Science Foundation, numerous corporations, and a number of school districts within the state of Michigan. The rehabilitation engineering laboratory of the Rehabilitation Institute is involved with the characterization of gait and muscular activity in normal and disabled individuals as well as the development of novel therapies and devices to assist those with reduced mobility and other disabilities.


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