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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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The undergraduate curriculum has been designed to provide a broad education in the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering sciences; civil engineering analysis and design; and application of the scientific and engineering principles and methods to civil engineering practice. The courses in civil engineering are arranged as groups, each representing an area of concern to contemporary society and industry. Realizing the social implications of the practice of civil engineering, the program also provides for the development of a background in economics, the social sciences, humanities, communication skills and related non-technical areas. Technical and design electives may be selected from one of these major areas according to the student's particular interest, or may be chosen from several areas in order to broaden one's knowledge. A student who contemplates continuing study at the graduate level should seek the advice of his/her faculty counselor in the selection of elective courses. For further information on the Civil and Environmental Engineering program, students are referred to the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Many opportunities exist for undergraduate students to participate in the active research programs of our faculty. Students can either elect courses that involve research projects or become student research assistants supported by individual faculty grants. Such participation is not only fun and rewarding, but also beneficial in pursuit of employment or graduate study.