Da Deng

Da Deng

Associate Professor and Safety Officer, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

5050 Anthony Wayne Drive
Room 3164

(313) 577-5940

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Da Deng


Associate Professor, Wayne State University (2018-present).

Assistant Professor, Wayne State University (2011-18).

Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010-2011).

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University (2009-2010).

Ph. D., Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS) (2005-2009).

Research Engineer, Chemistry, NUS (2004-2005).

B. E., Environmental Engineering, NUS (2000-2004).

Courses Taught

CHE 7200 - Advanced Transport Phenomena

CHE 5995 - Spec Topics Che 1:Fundamentals of Battery Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

EVE 5120 / AET 5310 - Fundamentals of Battery Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the development of next-generation electrochemical energy storage devices which will play important roles in employing green energy as future energy sources. In addition, the popularity of personal mobile electronic devices and the expanding market of electric vehicles constantly demand for better electrochemical energy storage devices, such as rechargeable batteries. We investigate green energy-storage materials for next-generation electrochemical energy storage devices. Our goals are to improve their electrochemical performances in terms of specific energy, power density, safety, cyclability, as well as to reduce their overall environmental footprint and cost.

We develop innovative environmental remediation technology and obtain basic understanding of photo-detoxification in water treatment. Moreover, we investigate fundamentals of structure-property-performance relationships.

Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports (NPG); Chemical Engineering & Process Techniques



Research Group

We are particularly proud of our undergraduate researchers who will make the world a better place tomorrow: Johntell Tutton, Rodeo Slack, Daniel Suma,Wei Chen, Weliton Silva Fonseca, Kevin Charette, Stanton Jackson-Clark, Rakesh Porob, Olivia Ruiz, Taisa Higino and Kelechi Ukandu.

We anticipate openings for postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate assisants who would share our passion for energy and environemntal technology. Please contact Dr. Da Deng at da.deng@wayne.edu.



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# undergraduate researchers 

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8. Crean electrodos para baterías con cáscara de huevos; 9. Científicos fabrican electrodos para baterías con cáscaras de huevo; 10.中国科学报; 11.تولید الکترود باتری از پـوستـه تـخـم‌مـرغ;


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Zhu, J.; Deng, D.*, Sodium-Ion Nanomachining to Shape Microcrystals into Nanostructures and Tune Their Properties. RSC Advances, DOI: 10.1039/C6RA04731A , 2016 


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Themed collection: Emerging Investigators 2016: Novel design strategies for new functional materials.


Meng, X.; Savage, P. E.; Deng, D.*, Trash to Treasure: From Harmful Algal Blooms to High-Performance Electrodes for Sodium Ion Batteries. Environmental Science & Technology, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b03882, 2015.

Featured by International Business Times, Science World Magazine, The world stage, Phys.org, Techxplore.com, The Weather NetworkLabroots, iflScience, The Green Optimistic, Rooster's Report, Dispatch Tribunal, AmeriPublications, Hydrogen fuel news, Hexapolis, Algae world news, Electronic products, Futurism, Good news network, Algae industry magazine, Today@Wayne, Lab Manager, the Electrochemical Socieity's Blog 


Sina (China), 163 (China), OSEL (Czech), Futura-Sciences (France), Motivateme (India), Iran Daily (Iran), Rinnovabili (Italy), Water Journal (Korea), Biotechindustries (Russia), Geek (Serbia), Vista al Mar (Spain), Ict News (Vietnam), etc.

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Most Accessed 08/2016;Most Accessed 09/2015 to 08/2016.

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Featured by ATLAS of Science: Micromaterials with tunnels for lighter and smaller batteries.


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Publications from Dr. Deng's Previous Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Research

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