Letter from the Director

Engineering in Medicine research and education program at the College of Engineering is a relatively young and vibrant enterprise that draws strength from diversity and collaborative spirit, scientific rigor and creativity,  sense of sharing and community surrounding medical research at Wayne State University, including School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, College of Nursing. The major goal of the Engineering in Medicine Program is to remove the boundaries separating the engineering and clinical disciplines. Interactions, both within and outside the Engineering in Medicine Program, provide excellent opportunities to formation of multi-disciplinary collaborative teams including engineers, clinicians, basic researchers, to develop and implement innovative engineering solutions for current unmet clinical needs, for preparation of competitive grant applications, for cross-disciplinary training of the next generation of medical engineers, as well as for innovation and spin-off industrial activities. The research and educational activities in this Program will follow the same principles with an open-bay configuration, interdisciplinary group meetings, and a focus on highly challenging cutting-edge problems. This Program will redefine the frontiers of healthcare technologies and organize concerted efforts at Wayne State University that push the envelope.


Juri Gelovani
Director, Engineering in Medicine
Professor, Biomedical Engineering