Research and innovation at the College of Engineering

Engage in cutting-edge, innovative research at the College of Engineering. Our engineering research programs are founded in academic excellence, multidisciplinary collaboration, industry partnerships, and meaningful mentorships between students and faculty.

Research at a glance

  • $227.7 million research expenditures 
  • 77% of new faculty have had their research funded
  • 364 patents issued

Research areas and themes

Impactful engineering research makes a difference in the lives of individuals, communities and global networks. At Wayne State, we pursue mobility solutions, from moving between rooms to traveling between continents. We examine how to build smart, connected communities with robust health and informatics systems. 

Our research explores the potential of energy, batteries and materials in smart manufacturing.  We apply burgeoning ideas in data science and artificial intelligence to large-scale problems with the purpose of bettering our collective futures.

Discover research themes

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Through the student innovation hub, encounter opportunities to collaborate with industrial, corporate and nonprofit partners and explore your own entrepreneurial pursuits. Our engineering research programs foster innovative technological advances, generative business partnerships and accelerated paths to commercialization.

Entrepreneurial support

Participate in undergraduate research

Distinguish yourself early in your professional career with cutting-edge research experiences at Wayne State. Enjoy opportunities to work alongside industry-leading faculty and earn funding for your ideas. In your final year, you will conduct a design capstone project in partnership with an industry stakeholder. This hands-on research experience prepares  you to launch your career or further your credentials in engineering graduate programs.

Explore undergraduate research

Industry partnerships

Collaborate with industry partners whose efforts have a direct impact in our community, including the Flint Area Community Health and Environment Partnership and Healthy Urban Waters. Our engineering researchers work alongside industry leaders, government bodies and nonprofit organizations to address pressing issues and innovate next-generation solutions.

Funding opportunities

Meaningful research projects can earn funding from diverse sources to ignite, support and expand their impact. Through Wayne State’s internal funding, you can apply for scholarships and grants related to specific types of research. You’ll also develop connections through our robust network of partner organizations, along with the Pivot database of external funding through government and private sources.

Funding for faculty

 Research centers

The College of Engineering is a partner in Wayne State’s Integrative Biosciences Initiative (IBio), a center for multidisciplinary research, discovery, education and training related to biomedical challenges. We particularly focus on health factors in evolving urban environments on local and global scales.