Wayne State University adds bachelor’s in general engineering for fall 2023

Young male engineer working in a lab

The Wayne State University College of Engineering is launching an undergraduate program that meets a growing demand of versatile problem solvers and project managers able to work across multiple industries. The WSU Board of Governors approved a new bachelor’s in general engineering that will be available beginning in the fall 2023 semester.

The B.S. in general engineering is a broadly-focused, interdisciplinary program that will draw from all eight departments in the College of Engineering and strengthen students’ grasp of concepts related to physics, design systems and mathematics. The program will cater to first-year and transfer students alike, as well as international students from institutions affiliated with Wayne State through 3+1 agreements.

The first two years of the program will follow the College of Engineering’s general education guidelines. Students can choose a minor in their third year, ranging from business administration, law or one of the College of Engineering’s four minor programs — computer science, electrical and computer engineering, industrial engineering, or mechanical engineering. In their fourth year, students can select an area of concentration that aligns with practical experience gained via an internship or co-op.

It is expected that this program will produce a cohort of adaptable engineers who are effective leaders and communicators, possessing the necessary technical knowledge and creativity to solve complex challenges with consideration of economic, environmental, cultural and public health factors.

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