Albert King

Albert King

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering


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  • Bioengineering

Albert King

Faculty Status

Professor Emeritus

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Dr. Albert King was part of Wayne State University for 50 years, earning his master's and Ph.D. degrees in engineering mechanics in the 1960's, and joining the faculty as assistant professor in WSU's Bioengineering Research Center in 1966.

King is recognized worldwide for his work in the efficacy of safety devices in automobiles, the mechanisms and injuries to the spine, and experimental models of head injury. He is a member of the Academy of Engineering, and has received numerous awards, including the Smithsonian Medal for his work on computer brain models, the Kappa Delta Award from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the H.R. Lissner Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, to name a few.

  • Instructor - Civil Engineering, University of Hong Kong, 55-58
  • Instructor - Engineering Mechanics, Wayne State University, 60-66
  • Assistant Prof. - Engineering Mechanics, Wayne State University, 66-69
  • Associate Prof. - Mechanical Engineering, Wayne State University, 69-73
  • Professor - Mechanical Engineering, Wayne State University,73-90
  • Adjunct Prof. -  Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 84-88
  • Adjunct Prof. -  Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, 84-present
  • Distinguished Prof. -  Mechanical Engineering, Wayne State University,90-prestent
  • Visiting Prof. - Orthopaedic Surgery Dept., National University of Singapore, 5/97 - 8/97
  • Chair - Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State University, 2002-2012
  • Retired- 2018


Wayne State University, Ph.D., 1966, Biomechanics
Wayne State University, M.S.E.M, 1960,  Engineering Mechanics
University of Hong Kong, B. Sc., 1955, Civil Engineering

Courses Taught

BME 999 Ph.D. Dissertation
BME 796 Directed Research in Biomedical Engineering
BME 790 Directed Study in Biomedical Engineering
BME/ME/ECE/IE 7100 Mathematical Modeling in Impact Biomechanics
BME 7150 Biomechanics of Blast-Related Injuries

Research Interests

Mechanisms, tolerance and response of humans to impact and blast overpressure and the modeling of these injury causing events.

Research Projects

  • MRMC US Army Project: Prevention of Blast Related Injuries: the purpose was to study the biomechanics of blast related brain injuries.

Awards and Honors

  • Boris A. Bakhmeteff Doctoral Fellowship, 1961
  • NIH Career Development Award, 1972-78
  • Wayne State University Alumni Assoc. Faculty Service Award, 1978
  • Tau Beta Pi, Distinguished Engineer, 1979
  • Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs., Charles Russ Richards Memorial Award, 1980
  • Volvo Award, 1984
  • Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award, 1985
  • Edith and Arthur Carr Professor of Engineering, 1985-1993
  • Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, 1986
  • Academy of Scholars, Wayne State University, 1986
  • Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1990
  • Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, 1993
  • 1992 and 1993 Arnold W. Siegel Award
  • Kappa Delta Award, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 1995
  • SAE Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award, 1995
  • Lissner Award, ASME, 1996
  • ComputerWorld-Smithsonian Medal for Computer Model of Brain Injury (Medicine Category), 1998
  • Honors Convocation Award, Michigan Association of Governing Boards of State Universities, 1998
  • Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award, Wayne State University, 1998
  • National Academy of Engineering, Member, 2000
  • Bertil Aldman Award from International Research Council on Biokinetics of Impact (IRCOBI), 2003
  • Award of Merit from Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 2004
  • Honorary professor of Tsinghua University, PR China, 2008

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