Jerry Ku

Jerry Ku

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering

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Jerry Ku


Research Interests

  • CFD simulation of electric-drive vehicle battery pack thermal management
  • Simulation of electric-drive vehicle powertrain and thermal management
  • CFD modeling and simulation of horizontal axis wind turbine rotor aerodynamics
  • Analysis of net radiative forcing for larger scale deployment of photovoltaics
  • Engine soot emission and radiation characteristics burning alternative fuels

Professional Affiliations

  • K-11 Committee Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • Member, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA).
  • Member, The Combustion Institute.
  • Member, The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD).

Awards and Honors

  • Wayne State University College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award (2002)
  • Wayne State University Career Development Chair Award (1996)
  • NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship (1989 & 1990)
  • Wayne State University Graduate Research Assistantship Award (1989)

Personal Interests

  • Convective & Radiative Heat Transfer
  • Alternative Energy Technology
  • Computational methods in Engineering