Yang Zhao

Yang Zhao

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Yang Zhao


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University

B.S., Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University

Research Interests

Photonic devices, optical communications, nanoscale optics


Selected Publications:

B. Zhang, G. Chen, M. M-C. Cheng, J. C-M Chen, and Y. Zhao, “Motion detection based on 3D-printed compound eyes,” OSA Continuum, 3, 2553-2563, (2020)

A. Siraji and Y. Zhao, “Design and analysis of thin optical lens composed of low-index subwavelength structures,” Appl. Opt., 58, pp. 4654-4664 (2019). [Editor’s Pick]

Y. Zhao, “Impact of technology on student cheating,” TechCentury, Vol. 26, 17-18, (2018)

A. Siraji, Y Zhao, “Simple effective medium approximation with Rayleigh scattering”
Optics letters, 42, 1860-1863, (2017)

A. Shahini, J. Xia, Z. Zhou, Y. Zhao, and M. Cheng, “Versatile miniature tunable liquid lenses using transparent graphene electrodes,” Langmuir, 32, 1658-1665, (2016

A. Siraji and Y. Zhao, “High sensitivity and high Q-factor glass photonic crystal cavity and its applications as sensors,” Opt. Lett., 40, 1508 (2015)

E. Wang and Y. Zhao, “Etching of nanostructures on soda-lime glass,” Opt. Lett., 39, 3748-3751 (2014)






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