Seymour Wolfson

Seymour Wolfson

Emeritus Associate Professor, Computer Science

Seymour Wolfson


Seymour Wolfson became an assistant professor at WSU in 1968 and was awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor in 1973. Wolfson went on to become associate chair in 2004 and was appointed interim chair of the Department of Computer Science in 2011. He was also director of the MERIT computer network from 1969-84.

His area of interest was in applied mathematics; in particular, he was in the then-emerging field of computer information technology. He specialized in teaching computer technology and its application in business. Based upon his expertise in the area, Wolfson garnered close to $20 million in grants, largely from the City of Detroit, for the training of minority staff across the city in computer technology.

In addition, Wolfson accumulated an extensive service record. He contributed to many departmental committees and was both an associate chair and chair of the Department of Computer Science. At the university level he served on a number of important committees and was elected president of the Academic Senate 11 times. Nationally, he served on numerous ACM committees and was named an ACM Fellow in 1978. He also was vice president of AFIPS for two terms, and president of the Detroit region Phi Beta Kappa from 2004-17.

Wolfson retired from his tenured faculty position as associate professor of computer science on Jan. 21, 2013.


  • B.S., Wayne State University
  • M.S., University of Chicago
  • Ph.D., Wayne State University

Research Interests

  • Office animation
  • Training and development
  • Computer vocational education
  • Web technology

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