Fatmir Menkulasi

Fatmir Menkulasi

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Fatmir Menkulasi


Research Interests

  • Innovative and sustainable structural systems for buildings and bridges
  • Behavior of concrete, steel and composite structures
  • Novel materials for infrastructure applications
  • Computational modeling to perform limit state analysis
  • Resilient lateral load resisting systems
  • Experimental research and use of high performance materials
  • Structural health monitoring, short and long term behavior of structures
  • Forensics and rehabilitation of infrastructure

Courses Taught


  • CE 6340 Bridge Design and Evaluation
  • CE 7385 Advanced Topics in Reinforced Concrete
  • CE 5390 Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures
  • CE 7395 Advanced Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures


  • BE 1200 Basic Engineering I: Design in Engineering
  • CE 4420 Reinforced Concrete Design

Research Projects

  • MDOT Center of Excellence, (Co-PI), Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), 2021-(No definite end date), $74,999/year
  • Rare Earths from US Extractions (REUSE), (Faculty Investigator), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, (multi-PI: M. Allen and T. Dittrich), 2021-2022, $3,130,353 (total costs); ($146,713 Menkulasi portion)
  • Repair of Bridge Deck Fascias, (PI), Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), 2021-2023, $234,816
  • Proposed AASHTO Guideline for Load Rating of Segmental Bridges (WSU co-PI), NCHRP (Subcontract to Auburn University), 2021-2023, $300,00 (WSU $45,174)
  • Development of Guidelines for Intermediate Diaphragms on PC Beam Superstructures, (co-PI), Michigan Department of Transportation, 2019 –2021, $189,000
  • Evaluation of Camber and Deflections for Bridge Girders, (PI), Michigan Department of Transportation, 2019-2021, $301,025.85
  • Engineering the Economics of Affordable Urban Housing through the Utilization of High Performance Materials (PI), Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Program, 05/15/2018-08/15/2018, $24,600
  • Development of a Sustainable UHPC Bridge Deck for Movable Bridges, (PI), Louisiana Transportation Research Center, 2015-2017, $99,306
  • Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Timber Piles Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites, (PI), Southern Plains Transportation Center, 2016-2017, $35,000
  • Enhancement of Structural Health Monitoring Capabilities at Louisiana Tech University Using a Wireless Structural Testing System, (PI), Louisiana Board of Regents, 2016-2017, $18,600
  • Development of Alternative Concrete Bridge Systems for Short and Medium Span Bridges (Sole PI) Louisiana Transportation Research Center, 2015-2016, $30,000


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Professional Affiliations

  • Licensure
  • Professional Engineer (0402041410), VA, 2016-Present
  • Professional Engineer (PE-2021011788), MO, 2021-Present 

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Reviewer Recognition (2020) - ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering
  • Professor of the Year Award (2015-2016) – Louisiana Tech University – Awarded by ASCE student chapters
  • Professor of the Year Award (2014-2015) – Louisiana Tech University – Awarded by ASCE, AGC and NASTT student chapters
  • Via Academic Preparation Teaching Program (Spring 2013) (competitive academic preparation program offered by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech)
  • Award of Excellence for Commercial Buildings at the Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate Excellence in Development Design (2011) for “Virginia Arts Festival Headquarters” project
  • Pratt Fellowship for PhD studies, (2010-2011)
  • Honor Award for  “Vieques Passenger Ferry Terminal” project (2009) in Engineering Excellence Awards – Awarded by Engineers Club of Hampton Roads
  • Award of Merit for Best Commercial/ Real Estate Building (2009) for “Harbor Heights” project, 13 Annual Excellence in Design Award Program sponsored by The Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate
  • Daniel P. Jenny Research Fellowship, PCI, (2001)



  • Virginia Tech, PhD (2014) 
  • Virginia Tech, MS (2002)
  • Middle East Technical University, BS (2000)

Courses taught by Fatmir Menkulasi

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Fall Term 2022

Winter Term 2022

Fall Term 2021

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