Rhongho Jang


Rhongho Jang is an assistant professor in the department of computer science at Wayne State University. He received his Ph.D. in the department of computer science at the University of Central Florida, in 2020. He also received his B.S., M.E, and Ph.D. (first) from the Inha University of South Korea in 2013, 2015, and 2020, respectively. To date, he published several peer-reviewed research papers in top-tier conferences and premier journals, such as IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE ICDCS, and IEEE/ACM ToN, EEE TMC, etc. As public services, he is serving as a PC member in MSN 2021 and publicity chair in ICDCS 2021, served as a web chair in ACM CoNEXT 2019, and a reviewer in IEEE TPDS, IEEE TMC, IEEE TNSM, IEEE ToN, ETRI Journal, etc.


Ph.D. 2020, University of Central Florida (Computer Science)

Ph.D. 2020, Inha Univeristy (Computer Science and  Enginnering)

Courses Taught


CSC 3020 - Java Programming, Fall 2021

CSC 5290 - Cyber Security Practice, Fall 2020

CSC 5991 - Network Programmability and Applications, Winter 2021

Research Interests

Security & Privacy, Network Measurement, Software-defined Networking, Counting Algorithm, Applied Machine Learning


Recent Publcations
  1. [DSN Fast Abstracts] Systemically Evaluating the Robustness of ML-based IoT Malware Detectors, 2021, Best Paper Award
  2. [IEEE/ACM ToN] A Large-Scale Behavioral Analysis of the Open DNS Resolvers on the Internet. 2021
  3. [IEEE TDSC] Deep Learning-based Fine-grained Hierarchical Learning Approach for Robust Malware Classification 2021
  4. [COSE] A Network-independent Tool-based Usable Authentication System for Internet of Things Devices, 2021
  5. [IEEE TMC] A One-Page Text Entry Method Optimized for Rectangle Smartwatches, 2021
  6. [INFOCOM] SketchFlow: Per-Flow Systematic Sampling Using Sketch Saturation Event, 2020
  7. [INFOCOM] Deep Fingerprinting Defender: Adversarial Learning-based Approach to Defend Against Website Fingerprinting, 2020
  8. [ICDCS] Soteria: Detecting Adversarial Examples in Control Flow Graph-based Malware Classifiers, 2020
  9. [IEEE TMC] Catch Me If You Can: Rogue Access Point Detection Using Intentional Channel Interference, 2020


Awards and Honors

2017 Best-In-Session Presentation Award (SDN II), INFOCOM
2018 Outstanding Young Researcher Award, KISA

Other Professional Experience

TPC member: MSN 2021, CSoNet 2021

Journal reviewer: ToN, TMC, TPDS, TCC, TNSM, ETRI Journal, etc.

Publicity chair: ICDCS 2021, Web chair: CoNEXT 2019.


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