Rhongho Jang

Rhongho Jang

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Rhongho Jang


Rhongho Jang is an assistant professor in the department of computer science at Wayne State University. He received his Ph.D. in the department of computer science at the University of Central Florida, in 2020. His research interests lie in security & privacy, measurement, network systems, algorithm, AI security.

Selected Publications:
  • [NDSS 2023] A Robust Counting Sketch for Data Plane Intrusion Detection
  • [CCS 2022] A Scalable and Dynamic ACL System for In-Network Defense
  • [NeurIPS 2022] AttCAT: Explaining Transformers via Attentive Class Activation Tokens
  • [RAID 2022] Systematically Evaluating the Robustness of ML-based IoT Malware Detection Systems
  • [DSN 2022] Minimizing Noise in HyperLogLog-Based Spread Estimation of Multiple Flows
  • [TMC 2022] A One-Page Text Entry Method Optimized for Rectangle Smartwatches
  • [ToN 2022] A Large-Scale Behavioral Analysis of the Open DNS Resolvers on the Internet
  • [TDSC 2021] DL-based Fine-grained Hierarchical Learning Approach for Robust Malware Classification
  • [INFOCOM 2020] SketchFlow: Per-Flow Systematic Sampling Using Sketch Saturation Event
  • [INFOCOM 2020] DFD: Adversarial Learning-based Approach to Defend Against Website Fingerprinting
  • [ICDCS 2020] Soteria: Detecting Adversarial Examples in Control Flow Graph-based Malware Classifiers
  • [TMC 2020, ICDCS 2017] Rogue Access Point Detection Using Intentional Channel Interference
  • [ICDCS 2019] Instant Per-flow Detection Using Large In-DRAM Working Set of Active Flows
  • [INFOCOM 2017] RFlow+: An SDN-based WLAN Monitoring and Management Framework

Awards and Honors

  • 2023 NSF, PI, IEEE CNS 2023 Student Travel Grant 
  • 2022 NSF, Co-PI, Collaborative Research: HCC: Small
  • 2021 Best Paper Award, DSN 2021-Fast Abstrats
  • 2018 Outstanding Young Researcher Award, KISA
  • 2017 Best-In-Session Presentation Award (SDN II), INFOCOM

Other Professional Experiences

  • TPC member: ICDCS 2022-2023, MSN 2021-2022, CSoNet 2021-2023, AdvML Frontiers 2022 (@ICML),
  • Journal Reviewer: ACM/IEEE ToN, TMC, TPDS, TCC, TNSM, IoT Journal, ETRI Journal, etc.
  • Virtual Conference Chair: ACM CCS 2021
  • Student Travel Chair: IEEE CNS 2023
  • Demo Session Chair: EAI SmartSP 2023
  • Publicity Chair: IEEE ICDCS 2021
  • Web Chair: ACM CoNEXT 2019

Courses taught by Rhongho Jang

Winter Term 2024 (future)

Fall Term 2023 (current)

Winter Term 2023

Fall Term 2022

Winter Term 2022

Fall Term 2021

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