Camille Bishop

Camille Bishop

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Camille Bishop


NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology (2020-2023)

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2020)

B.S., Chemistry, University of Chicago (2015)

Research Interests

 Organic thin films are crucial components in new technologies, such as wearable medical devices, flexible electronics, thin film pharmaceuticals, packaging, coatings, and many more. The properties of thin films are dominated by interfaces, introducing new equilibrium and nonequilibrium driving forces that cause the molecular packing and dynamics to be distinct from the bulk. The nature and strength of these driving forces is largely dependent on chemical composition and energy minimization. To improve these materials and facilitate efficient processing methods, we must understand how to control structure and dynamics at interfaces, taking advantage of new measurement methods to better assess processing-structure-function relationships. To approach this, we will make multi-component films by physical vapor deposition and use a wide range of characterization techniques to probe molecular packings and their stability. One measurement focus is using polarized resonant soft X-ray scattering (p-RSoXS) to resolve in-plane molecular orientation in multi-component films, along with utilizing our physical systems to improve state-of-the-art computational/experimental workflows.

Courses taught by Camille Bishop

Fall Term 2023

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