Industry Mentor Program

 Mentorship fosters leadership. The Industry Mentor Program was born from a sense of responsibility to nurture the next generation of highly competent and socially responsible engineers. Wayne State University students begin to understand the connection between academics and career outcomes by forming relationships with College of Engineering alumni. Mentors share information about their own career paths and provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support. They help with setting goals and developing a network of contacts, while also providing students with role models in the professional world. The Industry Mentor Program gives students and alumni a vision for the future. 

Benefits for mentors

  • Give back to Wayne State with a minimal time commitment (four meetings per semester)
  • Recruit fresh talent to your company
  • Inspire students to pursue their dreams
  • Stay connected to what today's students are learning
  • Widen your professional and personal network

Benefits for students

  • Gain practical insights about the field
  • Learn the range of career options in area of study
  • Meet professionals in traditionally underrepresented groups
  • Maximize your full potential as an engineering professional
  • Understand next steps after graduation


Audrey Stephens

Interested alumni/mentors may register here