About us


We are an academic community of faculty, students, and academic staff committed to the creation and application of chemical engineering and materials science knowledge that contributes to the economic vitality and sustainability of our society. We accomplish our mission by 1) preparing highly skilled professional engineers, 2) conducting basic and applied research, 3) preparing the next generation of scholars, and 4) collaborating with industry to facilitate technology transfer and talent acquisition. Through our work we advance the creation and application of chemical engineering and materials science knowledge, develop future researchers to expand the scientific enterprise, provide highly skilled professional engineers to meet the evolving needs of industry and society, and translate scientific discovery into products and processes that contribute to our wellbeing and the sustainability of our society. Our guiding principles are: 1) professionalism, 2) growth, 3) opportunity, 4) excellence, 5) diversity, inclusion, and equity, 6) multidisciplinary collaboration, and 7) innovation.

"Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Wayne State University. Located in the heart of Detroit and connected with chemical, materials, and manufacturing industries and academia, our department consists of a dynamic and caring community of teachers, researchers, students, and staff. Currently, the department has 17 full-time faculty, 2 full-time staff, ~ 70 graduate students, ~ 185 undergraduate students, and ~ 10 research and postdoctoral fellows. Our students are our highest priority. We provide our students the basic knowledge in thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and process safety, as well as a cutting-edge research experience in advanced materials, nanoengineering, and sustainable chemical processes with our nationally recognized faculty members. We are proud of the impact of our students and alumni on their profession and community."

Department Chair and Professor Guangzhao Mao