Biological engineering

This area of concentration is suggested for students who wish to apply the chemical engineering fundamentals to solve problems in biological sciences and applied biology. The concentration in biomedical engineering is also an excellent choice for those students considering medical school as the next step in their career path.

Concentration credit total: 19
Note: BIO 1510, BIO 2600 AND CHM 5600 before research.

Course sequencing

  • Winter/junior:  Research Prep
  • Summer: Work on Research
  • Fall/senior: CHE 5811-Research Prep II, one credit—finalize research
  • Winter/senior: CHE 6810, four credits— write research paper and present
  • Additional Concentration Requirements: BIO 2600, CHM 5600, CHE 5100, Tech Electives – four credits total

Research areas

  • Tissue engineering
  • Biomaterials
  • Immunotherapy
  • Lipid bilayers and proteins
  • Drug and gene delivery for cancer therapies
  • Molecular motors


  • Dr. Zhiqianq Cao
  • Dr. Haipeng Liu
  • Dr. Guangzhao Mao
  • Dr. Howard Matthew
  • Dr. Jeffrey Potoff
  • Dr. Korosh Torabi
  • Dr. Elaine Zhu