Industrial and systems engineers, like other engineers, are problem solvers. They design, streamline and improve complex processes and systems for maximum efficiency, whether it be a hospital system, an airport, a manufacturing plant or a warehouse or a global supply chain or a distribution network. Managing the "human element" within these complex systems is a critical part of our discipline and leveraging information and analytics to drive system performance is unique to industrial engineering. Industrial and systems engineers are in high demand in nearly every sector of the economy, from manufacturing and service industries to healthcare, defense, and energy. 

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Jeremy Rickli


Kyoung-Yun Kim

Director of the Computational Intelligence and Design Informatics (CInDI) Laboratory. Research expertise in design science, informatics and awareness. Site director for the NSF Industry and University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) for e-Design. Associate editor for the Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science.  

Kyoung-Yun Kim