Detroit moves into top 10 of ASCE’s Best Places for Civil Engineers list

Detroit skyline

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) ranked Detroit, home to Wayne State University, on its top 10 list of Best Places for Civil Engineers. Factors considered for the rankings include: available civil engineering jobs, cost of living, and the results of ASCE’s civil engineering salary survey.

“Here at Wayne State, we are Warrior proud to train visionary civil and environmental engineers who will rise to the challenges presented by urban infrastructure and the critical services that it provides,” said Bill Shuster, professor and chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Wayne State. “Equity in the provision of these services is an emergent and key part of our student’s knowledge base and awareness of contemporary engineering practice.”

The ASCE noted a variety of ongoing and planned projects in Detroit, including construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge, redevelopment of Michigan Central Station, and integration of nonmotorized mobility options into the city’s transportation plan. The organization also touted Detroit’s financial turnaround since its 2013 bankruptcy, as well as its revitalized downtown and appeal to new businesses.

This year marks Detroit’s first appearance in the top 10 of the ASCE rankings. The city has moved up 17 spots since 2020.

Wayne State University is a significant contributor to the civil engineering talent pipeline in Detroit. Approximately 90% of the 225 students who study civil engineering at Wayne State come from Michigan. They are well positioned to tackle challenges in the Great Lakes region concerning transportation systems, water, soil, air quality, structural integrity and land conservation — all toward maintaining or improving general public health.

Career outcomes for WSU students hold resonance as well. Rankings from in 2020 indicated that graduates one year out of college who earned a master’s in civil engineering from Wayne State reported a median annual salary of $71,900, tied for eighth in the U.S. The bachelor, and master’s programs boast employment rates of 92%, and 100%, respectively.


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