Wayne State and Amesite partner to offer professional certificates in AI and blockchain

Amesite, Inc., an Ann Arbor-based artificial intelligence software company, recently announced a partnership with Wayne State University that will foster new online professional certificate programs intended to advance knowledge and skill in the burgeoning technological domains of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

These six-week programs are tailored to engineers seeking the latest innovations and applications of this technology, or professionals in other fields - law, health care, accounting or business - who can benefit from a greater understanding of technology trends.

"The Wayne State University College of Engineering is very excited to be partnering with Amesite to deliver online continuing educational programs in areas such as AI and Blockchain," said Dean Farshad Fotouhi. "These training modules are being developed to address the gap that exists between academia and industry. Our expert instructors, in conjunction with Amesite staff members, will deliver the six-week courses and be available to answer any questions the participants may have. Please stay tuned for future courses in cutting-edge areas."

Blockchain: Cutting Edge Data Management is a program that guides students through the fundamentals of data storage, including security and privacy issues, regulatory questions and ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The World of Artificial Intelligence program introduces students to applications, markets and key players in AI, as well as concepts such as data collection, machine learning and natural language processing.

Both programs will emphasize how these technologies impact jobs and everyday life, and give learners a platform to engage with expert instructors as well as peers to grow their professional networks. Amesite's cloud-based digital platform includes customized user messaging and tracking as well as integration of current events into traditional course materials.

"During my visit, I saw firsthand how Amesite utilizes AI to expand higher education opportunities," said Senator Gary Peters. "This new partnership will engage more Michiganders in a specialized learning environment and prepare them for in-demand positions that will also help close the skills gap."

"We are delighted to partner with Wayne State University's College of Engineering. They have a crucial role in engineering education in Michigan, and a strong ability to reach one of the largest populations of engineers in the nation, here in Metro Detroit," added Amesite CEO Ann Marie Sastry. "AI and Blockchain are technologies that are transforming the way we work and live, and we are pleased to help WSU deliver offerings that bring professionals learning opportunities in each field."

Participants can expect to commit approximately 30 to 60 hours total for each program. A $1,600 fee includes all course materials and suggested reading. Enrollment will remain open for each program until April 15, 2019.

Visit engineering.wayne.edu/programs/online-learning.php to learn more.

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