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Get smarter about the technologies that are changing the world, right now! Deepen your understanding and interest in cutting-edge technology, with our online professional certificate programs. You may be an engineer seeking the latest findings and applications of technology, or a professional - in law, healthcare, accounting, or business - who needs to understand technology trends. We are offering our programs on the Amesite platform, enabling you to meaningfully engage with experts who can guide you, and with peers who will become part of your professional network! 

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Format: completely online, 6-week courses
Engagement:  topical discussions on foundational course content, and current articles and media
Commitment:  approximately 5-10h per week; 30-60 hours total for the program
Assessments and certification: successful completion of weekly assignments earns a Certificate of completion from the College of Engineering at WSU (Wayne State University)
Cost: $1600, which includes all course materials and suggested reading
Technology requirement: Any laptop or smartphone with internet access


microchip graphicThe World of Artifical Intelligence
Students are introduced to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learn about markets, key players and technologies in AI. The course includes applications of AI in key areas: business, healthcare, technology, and social media. Students learn about execution of AI algorithms, and how AI impacts jobs and everyday life, as well as privacy and regulatory questions about AI. Students will learn the ins and outs of AI, including: Data Collection, Use of Competitiveness, Privacy, Policy & Regulation, NLP, Machine Learning, and the Role of Technologists and AI in everyday life.

Why you should take this course

This course is perfect for you if you're interested in the tech industry, and you want to learn more. It's your chance to engage with other students who are also interested in the use of AI in business, healthcare, and everyday life. 

Throughout this 6 week course, you'll learn about things like: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and even how customer data is monetized. Register now to earn your World of AI Certification! 

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bitcoin graphicBlockchain: Cutting-Edge Data Management
An introduction to the world of Blockchain. This online journey is built to move learners through the fundamentals of cutting edge data storage, expose them to exciting new findings and trends, and enable them to engage in a meaningful way with experts and peers. Students will learn about security, privacy and regulatory questions about Blockchain, as well as how decentralizing data storage has produced a secure public ledger for transactions. 

Why you should take this course

This course is perfect for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of Blockchain and cutting-edge data management, and take charge of your career. It's an incredible opportunity to engage with other students who are also interested in improving their career with Blockchain technology.

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Meet our instructors

Thomas Palazzolo photo

Thomas Palazzolo

Thomas Palazzolo holds an M.S. in Computer Science, and has published work that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to locate archeological artifacts, improving the understanding of key, historical human migration events. He believes that exposure to the application of science and technology to real-world problems is essential in enhancing fundamental understanding, and improving the ability of students to apply new skills, in work and everyday life. In addition to applications of Artificial Intelligence, Thomas specializes in Game Design, and Virtual Reality Simulations. He is presently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science.

Mila Paul photo

Mila Paul

Mila Paul holds an M.S. in Information Systems Security and has published technical articles on the secure cryptography behind Bitcoin, and the evolution of cryptologic intelligence in warfare. She is a cybersecurity researcher with great passion for inspiring people in all fields to understand the power of blockchain. Mila specializes in blockchain in modern day business and financial technology, and is presently pursuing a PhD in Cyber Operations.