Wayne State University enhances biomedical engineering curricula with launch of online M.S. with concentration in injury biomechanics

Two students working with crash test dummyThe Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Wayne State University announced the formation of an online master’s program in BME with a concentration in injury biomechanics, a product of more than 80 years of research that established the department as a global leader in the field.

While injury biomechanics constitutes the scientific basis for automotive safety design, Wayne State has taken this area of study even further, from reducing concussions in athletes to better protecting law enforcement and military personnel.

“Building on our relationships with the automotive industry, we have expanded into sports, ballistics and blast research areas with the focus of saving lives,” said Cynthia Bir, professor and chair of biomedical engineering at Wayne State.

The online M.S. in biomedical engineering with a concentration in injury biomechanics is a 30-credit program that aims to provide specialized training in impact biomechanics, accident reconstruction and vehicle safety. It presents a deeper curriculum as compared to Wayne State’s bridge graduate certificate in injury biomechanics, which students can use as a pathway to enter either this new online program or the department’s traditional M.S. in biomedical engineering.

“Based on our program’s reputation, we routinely get inquiries from all over the world,” said Bir. “Some students are able to physically come to Wayne State and be a part of our program; however, for others, it is not possible. By expanding our program online, we will not only be able to more broadly share our historically rich content, but also provide an opportunity for those students seeking this education.”


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