About the department


The mission of the department is to enhance biomedical engineering education and research at Wayne State University in order to enable our graduates to mitigate disease, trauma, and the effects of aging in society.

Wayne State University has the honor of being home to one of the longest, continuously active research programs in biomedical engineering in the world. The partnership between the School of Medicine and College of Engineering dates back more than 70 years. Faculty members from both sides of Warren Avenue have produced significant advancements in the field that have continuing impacts on the lives and health of individuals around the world.

Biomedical engineering education has evolved over more than 50 years at Wayne State. Students initially had the opportunity to concentrate in biomechanics within the engineering mechanics and mechanical engineering programs. Building on its strong history in this field and the growth of coursework and research in the area of biomaterials and biomedical sensors, independent graduate degree programs were established in 1998. In 2010, a full range of degree programs in biomedical engineering was first offered to serve our outstanding students.