Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State is rooted in a partnership between the College of Engineering and the School of Medicine that dates back more than 80 years. Building on the university's strong history in this field and the growth of coursework and research in biomaterials and biomedical sensors, independent graduate and undergraduate programs were established in 1998 and 2010, respectively, and have continued to evolve.

The Wayne State BME undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in engineering, augmenting this with biomedical content.

How are we different from others?

Small cohort program

The curriculum is designed to be completed as a cohort, with a maximum of 40 students per group forming a four-year partnership.

Early introduction to biomedical engineering challenges

Starting the first week, partner physicians and clinical clients will introduce current biomedical engineering problems to students, who work in teams and apply clinical knowledge in our design labs to develop solutions.

Opportunities for honors and advanced studies

Completing the program with Engineering and/or University Honors provides students a chance for more in-depth exploration of their chosen field. Students can also apply to the Accelerated Masters Program, allowing them to complete their M.S. degree in BME with one additional year of study.

Master's students can get involved in research at an early stage, either through a thesis option or directed research. These abundant opportunities for hands-on learning combined with smaller class sizes allow students to get the best value for their tuition.

Networking opportunities

The Biomedical Engineering department has a wide network of alumni in various fields. Michigan has many companies that hire biomedical engineers for both internships and full-time positions. Many of the automotive companies employ biomedical engineers for safety performance. Companies like Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, and Orchid Orthopedics hire engineers for medical device design and quality. Many of the area hospitals also look to hire biomedical engineers for research or clinical engineers. Michigan also has many medical device startups. Overall, numerous companies in the area hire alumni of the Wayne State biomedical engineering program, providing for many networking opportunities.