Internships and jobs

As an engineering student, one of the most important things you will do is find an internship and/or a job. Most employers are seeking candidates that have some sort of experience, even for entry-level positions. The most straight-forward way to gain experience is through internship or co-op, but could also include hands-on activities in school. With such a strong emphasis on hands-on learning experiences, it is important to know how to find the best opportunities.

The Engineering Career Resource Center can help you discover what resources are available to help you find an internship or a job. Always make sure you are using a variety of resources when doing your search.

Internship and Job Resources

Handshake – is the career portal for all WSU students and alumni. Search through hundreds of internship, co-op and job opportunities. Use your access ID to log in to Handshake. Make sure to upload a new copy of your resume and complete your profile.

Tips for making yourself more marketable via Handshake:

Job/Internship Sites – Applying online is just as important as attending networking events. Keep track of the jobs/internships that you apply to online, and always make sure to follow the instructions on each application closely. There are hundreds of internship/job sites available for your job search. Visit the Job Search section of our resources page for a list of recommended job searching sites. Most engineering & computer science positions are paid opportunities, if you are offered an unpaid position please contact Career Resource Center Coordinators to discuss the value and validity of the job.

Career Fairs – Career Fairs are one of the best ways to network with and meet employers looking for talent. The College of Engineering typically hosts two large career fairs per year that specifically serve Engineering and Computer Science students. Information about upcoming career fairs can be found in the Workshops and Events section as well as on the College of Engineering events calendar.

In addition to the College of Engineering Career Fairs, the university and other outside organizations also host a variety of career fairs each year. To keep an eye on outside career fairs check out these links:

Networking Events – Networking events are another great way to connect with employers looking for potential engineering candidates and are held several times each semester. Examples of these events include Employer Information Sessions, Alumni Panels, "Lunch-n-Learns", and Industry Days. Regularly check your student e-mail and the Handshake events section.

Reporting your internship/co-op to the Engineering Career Resource Center
When you are offered a position we ask that you notify the Engineering Career Resource Center about it by filling out the request an experience form in Handshake to start the process of registering for the free, zero-credit course (BE 3500).

Internship/co-op for credit
Depending on your program, you may be able to gain credit for your internship experience. Make sure to check with your academic advisor to find out what type of credit you can get for doing an internship.